Kimseen, Turkey’s ambitious networking app, announces upcoming launch in January

December 29, 2023


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Social media is omnipresent, however not all applications work for every professional. With more than 4.8 billion social media users across the globe – accounting for close to 60% of the population worldwide – these platforms have become must-haves for finding new information, connecting with colleagues, and furthering enterprises.

Unfortunately for the business community, LinkedIn has increasingly held a monopolistic role in the space, making it more difficult for new innovation.

Entrepreneurs Emir Ekşioğlu and Berk Anıl Ünal are looking to change this, announcing this month Kimseen, a professional social network looking to disrupt the ecosystem in Türkiye and beyond.

Emir Ekşioğlu

Kimseen is an application that enables users to receive all the needed biographies and information of the people near to them.

Unlike LinkedIn, the application was designed from the start to be about creating new relationships among the people who don’t know one another. The app is all about new relationships.

The application was founded by Emir Ekşioğlu, a successful journalist, and his close friend, architect Berk Anıl Ünal. Another shareholder of Kimseen is businessman Talip Ekşi. Successful engineer Çağlar Çakar is the head of the software team.

Co-Founder Berk Anıl Ünal

Kimseen’s application will be released on Apple Store and Google Play in January of 2024.

With over a billion users using professional business networks, the market size for Kimseen is large, and the startup is tapping into a number of growing trends for new platform adoption.

According to Harvard Business Review, when discussing the rapid adoption of new social networks, “it represents the transition from an era where users are locked into individual social media platforms to one in which they can move freely across them — a multi-application ecosystem powered by shared infrastructure.”

“If this trend continues, users will increasingly have a unified social media identity across different applications, and the flexibility to switch platforms without having to start over each time”, added the magazine.

Article feature photo of Emir Ekşioğlu

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