The startup rebooting business communication with the launch of Fingerprint 2.0 

December 7, 2023


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When it comes to disruptive technologies, generative AI (or GenAI) has been responsible for some of the biggest impacts seen in 2023. Its ability to churn out texts and visuals based on just a few prompts marked a major leap forward in a subset of AI known as Natural Language Processing. 

Although the latest advances in AI have sparked debate on what these mean for content creators, the real-world applications at the moment are much more specific. 

For example, many professionals dread writing emails or struggle significantly when tasked with building and delivering a business presentation. Yet these tasks can make or break deals and influence all kinds of decisions on a daily basis. 

Prezent is one of the companies on a mission to usher in a new age of communication with the help of AI-driven tools that address specific challenges. This week the company is going public with Communication Fingerprint 2.0 – a service that helps any professional improve their communication abilities in the workplace. 

Why is workplace communication so important? 

It’s no secret that communication forms the bedrock of business interactions. After all, it’s impossible to train a team, update stakeholders, or win new talent without the ability to convey information and ideas. 

Yet businesses across the board struggle with the ability to standardize communication practices and offer executives the support they need to deliver important messages. It was for this reason that Rajat Mishra, Founder and CEO of Prezent, founded the only AI-powered platform that supercharges the presentation productivity of teams by combining audience empathy, business understanding and beautiful design. 

“We believe everyone deserves a fair chance to bring their ideas to life. Our mission is to democratize business communication. We’ve built a platform that automates and simplifies the many communication-related challenges in the workplace” commented the CEO. 

The public launch of Communication Fingerprint 2.0 marks the latest milestone in Mishra’s mission to democratize access to communication tools and help every company save time and improve productivity. 

What is a Communication Fingerprint?

Communication Fingerprint aims to help every professional become a more self-aware communicator by understanding their own style and how best to convey messages to others. 

The features of the tool are based on eight ‘fingerprint archetypes’ and their associated strengths and weaknesses. These include Architect, Director, Navigator, Performer, Producer, Scholar, Scientist, and Surgeon. 

Each user is assigned an archetype that lets them understand how best they send and receive information. The tool also trains users on how best to adjust their style based on the audience they need to present to.

For example, ‘Directors’ are pragmatic leaders with a bias for action. They process information by analyzing the data and translating it into concrete actionable steps with a preference for bold communication styles. But such an archetype may need to deliver an important strategic update to a team of ‘Scholars’ and ‘Scientists’ who respond more positively to succinct and factual presentation styles. 

With Communication Fingerprint 2.0, it’s simple to tailor any given presentation to meet the needs of the target audience. The latest version lets businesses communicate with accuracy and precision during every presentation. New features in version 2.0 include the ability to update existing content into more impactful content, a compliance checker that brand-aligns any slide deck, and the ability to extract an easy-to-digest Executive Summary from presentations. 

Standardized results and communication 

Although communication is something we do instinctively for the most part, when it comes to the workplace it has a significant collective impact on company progress. As AI becomes more adept at understanding emotions and nuance, it has more ability to be used as a communication tool. 

Prezent is set to help companies take control of workplace communication and offer teams standardized communication frameworks that are easy to adept for any given task or audience. 

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