Transforming Insurance: The Impact of Technology and AI on the Industry

July 1, 2024


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A Q&A with Glenn Humphrey, VP at the Insurance Office of America

In this insightful interview, we sat down with Glenn Humphrey, Vice President and Commercial Risk Advisor at the Insurance Office of America, to discuss the impact of technology and AI on the insurance industry. With a career spanning over two decades, Glenn brings a wealth of knowledge and experience, particularly in leveraging technology to enhance client services and operational efficiencies. This conversation delves into the evolving landscape of the insurance sector and how AI is set to transform risk management and client interactions.

Journey in the Insurance Industry

Courtney Boone: Can you share your journey in the insurance industry and how technology has influenced your role at the Insurance Office of America?

Glenn Humphrey: Sure. I entered the insurance industry in 2016 after spending 20 years in various technology-driven industries, including software and federal government projects. As I transitioned into insurance, I saw significant inefficiencies in the processes that could be improved through technology and innovative solutions. This realization has shaped my approach to enhancing our services and operations through technological advancements.

Evolution of Client Services With AI

Courtney Boone: How has your approach to client service evolved over time with the use of AI and other emerging technologies?

Glenn Humphrey: AI and collaborative tools have revolutionized our approach to client services. The pandemic accelerated the adoption of these technologies, making collaboration with peers and clients more seamless, regardless of location. AI, in particular, helps us provide more accurate and timely insurance solutions, enhancing both precision and client satisfaction.

Transforming Risk Management

Courtney Boone: How do you think AI is transforming the way you manage risk and create strategic resilience for your clients?

Glenn Humphrey: AI is still evolving in the insurance industry. While current benchmarking models provide historical data analysis, AI offers the potential to create more precise, future-looking risk models. By leveraging AI, we can predict a client’s risk profile more accurately, allowing us to develop better-informed strategies and enhance resilience.

Customizing Risk Management Solutions

Courtney Boone: How do you leverage technology to customize risk management solutions for different clients?

Glenn Humphrey: AI enables us to tailor information and resources specific to each client’s industry. For instance, a construction client has different risk profiles compared to a client owning sports arenas. AI helps us customize resources and solutions, making them more relevant and valuable to each client.

Impact of Technology on Claims Processing

Courtney Boone: Can you share a specific instance where technology helped you make a significant difference for a client during a claim?

Glenn Humphrey: While AI integration in the claims process is still developing, other technologies like virtual video meetings have significantly improved communication and efficiency. This has expedited claim settlements and enhanced outcomes, demonstrating the positive impact of technology on the claims process.

Exciting Trends in AI for Insurance

Courtney Boone: What emerging trends in AI or technology do you find most exciting for the insurance industry right now?

Glenn Humphrey: AI is a buzzword in the insurance industry. Companies are exploring ways to use AI to improve efficiency in underwriting, policy checking, and review processes. AI simplifies these tasks, shortens timelines, and maintains high-quality output, making it an exciting trend to watch.

Advice for Adopting AI in Insurance

Courtney Boone: What advice would you give to insurance companies looking to adopt AI or other technologies to enhance their operations?

Glenn Humphrey: Engage various levels of your organization in the adoption process. Consider input from operations, production, and finance teams to understand how the technology will impact different roles and ensure it enhances overall client service and product delivery.

Staying Updated With Technological Advancements

Courtney Boone: How do you stay up to date with the latest technological advancements and trends in the insurance industry?

Glenn Humphrey: I complete a significant number of continuing education credit hours every two years, focusing not just on insurance but also on related technologies. For instance, staying informed about advancements in cyber security helps me better understand and mitigate risks for our clients.

Overcoming Challenges in Technology Adoption

Courtney Boone: What challenges do you see in the industry regarding the adoption of new technologies, and how can companies overcome them?

Glenn Humphrey: One major challenge is the knowledge transfer from retiring baby boomers to younger generations. Embracing technologies like virtual meetings allows greater collaboration and knowledge transfer across this generation gap.

Technology-Driven Risk Management Strategies

Courtney Boone: Can you provide examples of how technology has enabled you to develop more effective risk management strategies for different industries?

Glenn Humphrey: Technologies like sensors in trucking and warehousing industries allow for real-time monitoring and control over risks. These innovations improve safety, security, and overall risk management, benefiting both insurers and clients.

Innovate Your Insurance Operations with Nisum’s GenAI Solutions

This engaging discussion with Glenn Humphrey highlights the transformative potential of technology and AI in the insurance industry. As AI continues to evolve, it offers unprecedented opportunities for improving efficiency, accuracy, and client satisfaction.

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