Why Your Non-Mobile Friendly Website is Costing You Money

November 13, 2017


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OK, we all know that you need to optimize your website for social media.  But what about going mobile?  Well, it turns out that you also need to make sure your website is mobile friendly as well.  In fact, many of the reasons are self-explanatory.

Think about your own online activity?  I would be willing to bet that you spend a significant amount of time accessing websites and apps from your mobile devices.  Given this fact, you would think that everyone has set up their websites to be mobile friendly but the reality is that many people don’t even know where to begin.

This is a shame, as failure to optimize one’s website means that they are losing opportunities to convert sales from the legions of visitors using their mobile devices to surf the web.  As such, you want to turn this around and take advantage of the shopping behaviors of your customer’s by making sure your non-mobile friendly is not costing you money.

Mobile is the Future

This is not a trend; mobile internet is here to stay and if anything, we are entering a point in time when connectivity will become ubiquitous.  Just look around, everywhere you go potential customers are glued to screens of their cell phones.  For some, it is just to check up on their social media networks but for others, this is how they do business and shop for the things they use every day.

As such, your business needs a solution which can help you to optimize the mobile shopping solution.  This includes a payment solution which can handle a high volume merchant account without breaking a sweat.

Why is this so important?  Well, optimizing your website for mobile opens the potential market for your product or service and this means more customer transactions.  As such, you need robust systems to handle the increased volume or you will find that many potential customers abandon their shopping carts before checkout.

Still not convinced?  Well, here are some factoids you need to know about the importance of mobile.  First, mobile sales are growing faster than broader e-commerce sales – and we all know how e-commerce is changing retail.  By next year, Goldman Sachs expects mobile commerce will eclipse $626 billion, with the average customer spending close to $575 per year.

This is big business and to neglect, it risks turning your back on the future of your business.  Don’t end up like Sears and Macy’s – find a way to make your website mobile friendly or else.

Mobile is Impulsive

Unless your business is offering staple which your customers can’t live without, then you are a what is considered a discretionary expense.  As such, you want to help your customers get impulsive and if you are not doing this by optimizing your website for a better mobile experience, then you are losing out.

Not only does going mobile help you to connect with a larger audience but data shows that mobile shoppers tend to spend more.  In fact, cart sizes can range from 35 percent to 50 percent larger depending on what is being sold compared to traditional desktop shopping carts.

Another plus to optimizing the customer experience for mobile is that it opens you online presence to attract the all-important early-adopters who will take your business to new heights.  Not only will they use their mobile devices research your brand but they will also use it to find out where you are located and to check reviews and other feedback about your company.

This means that a mobile-friendly website can not only increase your online sales but it can also make it easier for customers to find your physical locations and this will lead to increased traffic – what a great problem to have.

In Conclusion

Odds are your website help to drive sales and profitability in your business.  After all, your website is effectively your window to the world and it allows you to reach just about anyone who is online.  

But the days of just having a website are long gone.  Not only do you need a strong social media presence but you also need to optimize your website for a strong mobile experience.  While this starts with making sure that your site is mobile-friendly, it doesn’t end there.

Taking full advantage of the benefits of being mobile means constantly looking for ways to stay ahead of your competition.  This means looking at the payment gateway to ensure it is robust enough to keep up with demand while integrating with social networks and other tools to drive engagement.

So, make sure your website is mobile-friendly and then look for ways to optimize the experience so that your business can make money instead of losing it.


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