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May 4, 2011


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The world’s leading crowdsourcing organisation has launched the first realtime web-app to track crowdsourced creative projects.

The blur Group’s blur Trading application shows the number “…type size, description and location” of the briefs submitted to the company’s Creative Services Exchange.

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Corwdsourcing is the process of using digital, usually social, technologies to bring a number of interested people together to work on a single project.  While almost exclusively reserved for artistic purposes an increasing number of organisations, such as the blur Group, are applying this innovative methodology to the business and commercial sectors.

According to the app’s current data 39% of the Group’s projects come from the UK, India and the US, with the remaining 61% coming from the rest of the world.  Some 28% of these projects are completed with another 35% in the pitching process.

The blur Group’s crowdsourcing process works by encouraging businesses to submit briefs which freelancers or creative agencies can pitch for.  The Group’s current projects are as varied as a £40,000 fashion website,  a $5,000 series of viral videos for a US film organisation, to a $2,500 Indian biotechnology projects

Speaking of the growth of crowdsourcing and the company’s Creative Services Exchange blur Group CEO Philip Letts said, “We expect all of our indicators to continue to grow throughout the year and make our first full trading year on the Exchange since leaving stealth mode exceed expectations.”

The company also said that it has already exceeded the 10,000 creatives and agencies signed up to its Creative Services Exchange network, which it announced last week, and has added General Electric Healthcare to its client list.


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Ajit Jain

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