Crescite Innovation Corporation, Proposed Hekima University look to drive innovation with agreement for new campus

June 10, 2024


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The progress of blockchain technologies and decentralized finance (DeFi) could be accelerated in the near future thanks to a new agreement that proposes to leverage them at every stage. 

With 75 acres of land in Bahati, Molo, the Proposed Hekima University aims to build a state-of-the-art new campus following an agreement with the Crescite Innovation Corporation, an organization on a mission to deliver impact-driven innovation and economic activity with decentralized technologies. Its global ecosystem has a strong focus on scientific governance and includes the first faith-based token. 

According to the proposal, the new campus would act as a catalyst for the development of blockchain solutions aided by plans to the largest library in Africa featuring a tokenization research facility. 

Crescite Innovation Corporation was founded by Eddie Cullen, an entrepreneur who is known for developing technology and providing regulatory leadership that always keeps public service in mind. Previously, he was a candidate for Mayor of New York City and continues to provide leadership on issues including the provision of affordable housing.

The Proposed Hekima University

The Proposed Hekima University is an example of how research institutions can help to drive innovation. By working with the local community and global experts, the team aims to respond to the most pressing challenges with workable solutions. Once the new campus is created, it will act as a research center with a close focus on understanding an increasingly volatile and complex world. 

The proposed campus is looking to be a resource that entrepreneurs, businesses, governments and communities can draw upon, helping a much broader range of users access knowledge and new technology disciplines. 

Said Dr. Odomaro Mubangizi, SJ, Deputy Director & Director Academic Affairs, “A question that comes into everybody’s mind whenever an idea of a new university comes up is: Why a new university when the existing ones are facing all kinds of challenges and some considering closing? Clearly, there is a paradox facing higher education across Africa. On one hand, governments, and development agencies still consider an educated citizenry as the main catalyst for social and economic development, while on the other hand, there is a general discontent that the kind of education being offered in most universities does not offer the necessary skills for the job market.”

“The Proposed Hekima University will be guided by a vision and mission that try to resolve this paradox. Greater social transformation across Africa is only possible when universities across Africa are both visionary and ethical,” added the academic director.

Faith-based tech innovations 

Contrary to some popular narratives that religious organizations are at conflict with modern innovations, there is a thriving global community looking for new ways to leverage the benefits of technology for positive change. 

Crescite combines the collective interest of faith-based communities and impact-related investments to grow a global network of economic activity that is impactful, profitable, and sustainable. This includes a decentralized finance (DeFi) model with the world’s first faith-based token. 

The Proposed Hekima University is a center of education, research and intellectual scholarship that provides quality education and spiritual formation to deserving students in a continent with much potential for rapid social and economic development. The Jesuit-led institution rides on a global Jesuit tradition of providing high-level quality and competitive education founded on the ethos of excellence and rigor.

The new campus aims to ensure the educational institution offers its students training on the most relevant skills for a world under rapid development. 

The Proposed Hekima University is the latest organization to join Crescite’s fast-growing community of faith-based and educational institutions, with a shared mission to leverage Web 3.0 technologies for social causes.

Crescite CEO Eddie Cullen

Secure, decentralized investments 

Making large investments using alternative, DeFi technologies can feel like a venture into uncharted territory.

The partnership with Crescite and the Proposed Hekima University, tokenized using Securitize, highlights further plans to leverage blockchain technology. 

Said Eddie Cullen, CEO of Crescite,  “Crescite’s landmark agreement with Proposed Hekima University represents an incredible milestone for the progress of faith-based impact development and research into tokenization and web3 technologies.” 

Added, Dr. Elias Mokua, the Proposed Vice Chancellor for the Proposed Hekima University, “Our 75-acre campus will act as a unique proof-of-concept, demonstrating how a tokenized community can function.”

Dr. Elias Mokua

Enterprise-grade blockchain security 

As the project between Crescite and the Proposed Hekima University progresses, technology from the XDC Network will play an integral role too.

The agreement will also see subnet creation for Hekima on the XDC Network, proving as a model for global universities. 

The XDC Network is an enterprise-grade, open-source blockchain protocol that includes an EVM-compatible chain with smart contract capabilities.

Atul Khekade, Co-Founder of XDC, commented, “Tokenization of real-world assets like the new campus in Molo built on XDC Network demonstrates enterprise-grade capabilities of XDC Network’s blockchain protocol. We wish all the best to Crescite for taking this up. The tech teams and decentralized infrastructure of XDC Network will remain open to supporting their teams.”

Featured photo from the Proposed Hekima University

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