dotData introduces AI insight to further disrupt the business intelligence industry

December 8, 2023


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Startup dotData, a pioneer of platforms for feature discovery in the AI/ML space, announced this week the launch of its dotData Insight. The new platform uses an AI-driven insight discovery engine to allow enterprises to uncover unique business hypotheses from data.

At a high level, the company is looking to better help enterprises make the right analytics-driven decisions. For example, departments like marketing and finance can remove blind spots that arise in manual reporting, and can reduce arduous tasks such as converting enterprise data into business signals. 

Ryohei Fujimaki, CEO of dotData

Said Ryohei Fujimaki, the company’s founder and CEO, “dotData Insight expands dotData’s vision to propel data-driven digital transformation for all enterprises and accelerate the time-to-value for business leaders.”

“What sets dotData Insight apart is our ability to seamlessly handle large-scale enterprise data, encompassing tens of tables, thousands of columns, and billions of rows, ensuring no data is left unexplored,” added Walter Paliska, VP of Marketing at dotData. 

Today, business intelligence platforms requires a slower process that involves creating reports and engaging in repetitive trial-and-error to arrive at valuable signals. A manual process can also lead to experience bias because business experts often look at patterns they know work.

dotData Insight takes a new approach, allowing the date to speak for itself.

dotData Insight combines two complementary technologies: its AI-driven signal discovery engine from Feature Factory and Generative AI. The first uses dotData’s proprietary AI tech to discover and evaluate data signals and statistical facts, with the second helping users translate discovered signals into hypotheses, making interpretation easier. 

Founded in 2018, dotData is a spin off of NEC Corporation, and is led by Dr. Ryohei Fujimaki, a data scientist, and the youngest research fellow ever appointed in the 119-year history of NEC.

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