Global PCCS and Credibl form new partnership to help companies maintain environmental compliance

June 10, 2024


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Product manufacturing compliance is getting easier thanks to a new partnership between Global PCCS and Credibl ESG.

Announced in 2024, the Business Responsibility and Sustainability Reporting (BRSR) is a mandated ESG disclosure framework introduced by the Securities and Exchange Board of India. It now requires the top 1,000 listed companies to report on their environmental, social, and governance (ESG) performance from the financial year 2022-23 onwards. BRSR aims to create a uniform and transparent reporting format, enhancing the consistency and comparability of ESG disclosures in India.

The news of the requirement this year highlighted the importance of compliance, and the fact it is increasingly a non-negotiable part of business operations.

For professional services firm Global PCCS, helping organizations comply with environmental regulations is core to their range of service offerings. From hands-on training to building the right tech stack, Global PCCS has over 18 years of experience helping product manufacturers reach compliance and make their tasks easier to manage. 

Now, Global PCCS has announced a new partnership with Credibl ESG which will support faster, more accurate ESG data reporting and deeper insights into the global supply chain. 

Improving the global supply chain 

With Global PCCS, which is led by CEO Dr. PraBhaKar Bhangare, being headquartered in Karnataka, India, the firm works with a range of global partners to improve the quality and availability of its services which cover compliance, sustainability, software and training. The firm is a leader in compliance services, helping global manufacturers comply with specific environmental regulations such as EU ELV, SCIP, TSCA or conflict minerals. 

Global PCCS CEO Dr. PraBhaKar Bhangare

The firm provides its clients with access to over 100 global compliance experts in a range of specialisms and is authorized by DXC Technology for IMDS & CDX training, and is a consulting partner for India, Australia, Brazil, Canada, Indonesia, Thailand & Vietnam.

The latest partnership with Credibl means the firm now has access to a powerful new service offering in the form of an AI-driven ESG reporting platform. This will make it easier to track the environmental footprint of materials that are being sourced for product manufacturing, get unprecedented visibility into the whole supply chain, manage carbon emissions at manufacturing facilities, and generate real-time reports and certifications. 

The partnership between Global PCCS and Credibl marks a major milestone for product manufacturers worldwide and the compliance services industry. 

How AI is helping companies maintain compliance 

The task of managing environmental compliance and becoming more sustainable is not a straightforward task for many due to the complexity our interconnected supply chains and systems.

A team of tech experts saw the potential for advanced AI to make a huge difference, which led to the creation of Credibl’s ESG platform. 

The company is led by CEO Jitesh Shetty, a Silicon Valley veteran who previously founded Qwiklabs, an early innovator in the public cloud learning space that was acquired by Google in 2016. 

The Credibl platform stands out for its ability to provide real-time, actionable insights that enable businesses to navigate the complexities of sustainability with precision and ease.

The company allows a 360 oversight and end-to-end ESG management from automated data collection to smart goal setting and non-financial reporting. 

In a previous article, Shetty commented: “GenAI has the power to manage a smooth transition process that considers an endless number of moving parts across manufacturing, logistics, and operations…By leveraging GenAI these standalone examples can become a collective effort to increase the pace of change and find interdisciplinary solutions.”

The startup’s mission is to make sustainability reporting as meticulous and seamless as financial reporting, thus ensuring that businesses can fulfill their ESG commitments while pursuing growth and profitability. 

Featured photo of Global PCCS team

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