HLB HAMT ushers in new era of sustainability reporting thanks to partnership with Credibl ESG

April 10, 2024


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The Middle East is home to some of the most ambitious green initiatives to date. For example, in the United Arab Emirates (UAE), the Noor Abu Dhabi represents one of the world’s largest single-site solar projects.

Made from an incredible 3.2 million solar panels, the project has helped save 1 million metric tons of carbon each year by helping citizens switch to renewable energy sources. 

Meanwhile, the Saudi and Middle East Green Initiatives seek to rehabilitate 40 million hectares of degraded lands and generate 50% of Saudi Arabia’s energy from renewables by 2030 in an effort to slow the pace of growing desertification in the region, among other climate-related threats. 

These projects highlight the growing reality that maintaining thriving cities, resilient food sources and profitable businesses requires policies that place Environmental, Sustainability and Governance (ESG) at the forefront of strategy.  

For professional services firm HLB HAMT, a similarly ambitious approach to sustainability initiatives was announced this week. The firm champions a people-first approach that has seen its customers benefit.

Yet in a world where profitability and managing risk are increasingly inextricably linked to corporate environmental policies, the firm found a solution with the software platform from Credibl ESG. 

ESG is key to corporate resilience 

Professional advisory firms like HLB HAMT are adopting new ways to advise their ESG policies, reframing how companies tackle sustainability and approaching this as something central to long-term value creation. 

To aid this goal, clients from across the HLB HAMT portfolio will have access to an AI-driven sustainability platform known as Credibl ESG. Thanks to data-rich reporting, HLB HAMT advisors will be able to better understand how clients are performing against their current ESG frameworks, swiftly generate reports to demonstrate progress and identify areas for additional improvements. 

Manoj Kumar, Senior Partner – IT at HLB HAMT

Manoj Kumar, Senior Partner – IT at HLB HAMT, commented, “Credibl’s partnership with HLB HAMT signifies a momentous leap forward in leveraging AI technology to drive sustainable business practices.”

“This collaboration underscores our commitment to delivering cutting-edge strategies that not only mitigate risk but also foster long-term sustainability and growth in an increasingly interconnected world.”  

This sentiment was backed by the advisory firm’s CEO, Vijay Anand. He explained, “We’re extremely proud to announce our new partnership with Credibl. Helping customers meet ESG targets is one of our core tenets at HLB HAMT.” 

The partnership between HLB HAMT and Credibl marks a major milestone, helping a range of clients tap into tech-driven sustainability tools to provide automated data assurance, real-time peer benchmarking, an AI-based virtual assistant and comprehensive support on supply chain ESG data.

Building sustainable businesses with Credibl 

Credibl’s ESG platform was built by a team of serial technology entrepreneurs with decades of experience in the technology space.

The company is led by CEO Jitesh Shetty, a Silicon Valley veteran who previously founded Qwiklabs, an early innovator in the public cloud learning space that was acquired by Google in 2016. 

Concerning the new partnership, Shetty, CEO at Credibl, explained, “HLB HAMT is a leading advisory services firm with a highly forward-thinking approach to ESG and sustainability. I eagerly look forward to rolling our AI-driven sustainability platform out to HLB HAMT customers to help improve ESG outcomes and deliver more impact.”

HLB HAMT CEO Vijay Anand (Photo Credit: LinkedIn)

The Credibl platform stands out for its ability to provide real-time, actionable insights that enable businesses to navigate the complexities of sustainability with precision and ease. The company allows a 360 oversight and end-to-end ESG management from automated data collection to smart goal setting and non-financial reporting. 

The startup’s mission is to make sustainability reporting as meticulous and seamless as financial reporting, thus ensuring that businesses can fulfill their ESG commitments while pursuing growth and profitability. 

“We believe that sustainability goes hand in hand with building risk-averse companies and protecting future profits. Thanks to Credibl’s platform our customers will be able to access end-to-end data management and reporting alongside a host of in-built features on the intelligent platform,” HLB HAMT’s CEO Vijay Anand concluded. 


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