Peru’s Largest Venture Capital Event Is Back This September

August 7, 2018


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The Peru Venture Capital Conference (PVCC), the country’s largest entrepreneurial capital event, will hold its second annual conference in September 11th, 2018 at Lima Convention Center. This year’s iteration is expected to attract more than 800 attendees, connecting all of the most important players involved in Peru’s up-and-coming startup ecosystem with local and international investors.

Organized by BID FominUTECCofide and Startup Perú, the conference aims to unite the local startup community, attract interest from international investors, and promote knowledge-sharing and best practices. The event will bring together entrepreneurs, incubators, investors, big businesses and the Peruvian government, serving as a platform for entrepreneurs to meet co-founders, investors to find interesting startups, and companies to get involved in the country’s startup ecosystem, which is on a “bid to catch up with its innovative Latam neighbors.”

Eighteen speakers will present over the course of the one-day event, including some of the best in their field, such as:

  • Brian Wong, Founder of Kiip: Regarded by the Wall Street Journal and CNBC as the youngest entrepreneur in raising venture capital.
  • Jason Portnoy, Former VP of Paypal: Manager of Oakhouse Partners and investor in startups such as Facebook, Zipline and Yammer.
  • Alec Andronikov, entrepreneur and investor: Involved in startups later purchased by AirBnB, Twitter, Soundcloud and Millennial Media.
  • Mark Platshon, Senior Investment Advisor of BMW i-Ventures, a $600m venture capital fund of BMW, and one of the early investors of Tesla.

More than 130 investors, 170 corporations and 300 national and international startups participated in the inaugural June 2017 event. This year, it is expected to be even bigger.

“For your idea to become a reality you must socialize your idea without fear or inhibition. An idea locked in your head is all but useless, you must get out and share that idea with others who want to hear it before it can ever become something,” said last year’s opening keynote speaker Chris Heivly, the founder of MapQuest, which was acquired by AOL for $1.2 billion.

This initiative aims to serve as a platform for the technology that will define the future of Peru, by showcasing all of the impressive innovation that is taking place in the country and creating an open space for networking.

“The conference [focuses] on community building, facilitating cooperation between corporates and startups and highlighting the need for further angel investment and venture capital in the country,” explains an article on The Next Web.

For more information, visit the Peru Venture Capital Conference website or search #pvcc2018.


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