Rockstart’s 1st Latin American accelerator program holds demo day in Colombia

February 13, 2018


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Dutch accelerator Rockstart held its Latin American accelerator Demo Day in Bogota, Colombia with 10 startups sharing their visions in front of more than 250 investors, ecosystem leaders, and members of the press.

With accelerators in Colombia and the Netherlands, events in over 25 cities across the globe, and a vast network of startups, experts, and investors, Rockstart’s first Web and Mobile accelerator in Latin America not only hosted the most outstanding local enterprises in the industry, but also startups from countries such as Peru, Honduras, and Panama.

Like any good accelerator, Rockstart provides mentorship, office space, networking, and access to capital.

The 150 day program connects selected startups with industry-specific experts, mentors and fellow founders to help build, validate and scale their businesses. Rockstart hopes the launch will empower Colombia in furthering itself as one of the most developed entrepreneurship ecosystems in Latin America.

rockstart accelerator demo day

Felipe Santamaria

“The startup ecosystem in the region has been welcoming us with open arms – more proof that the tech industry in Colombia is ready to take off,” said Felipe Santamaria, the managing director of Rockstart Colombia, prior to the program’s launch.

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“One could say that Colombia continues to consolidate itself as one of the leaders in the region in entrepreneurship, and increasingly [it] is the case that those who take the risk to start their own company can count on various kinds of support needed for growth,” added Santamaria.

Out of the 500 applications that Rockstart received, these 10 startups were selected and participated in the Demo Day on February 7 in Bogota, Colombia.

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Out of the 500 applications that Rockstart received, 10 startups were selected.

Startups attending Web & Mobile Accelerator Program

CloudBiz (Honduras) Using the freemium model, this startup software provides storage and processing inventory, accounting sales and invoices, which is accessible from any mobile device through the cloud.

FoodyCo (Colombia) In preparing high quality gourmet food with affordable prices, this startup is delivering healthy lunches to Colombians.

GetLavado (Peru) GetLavado is an innovative mobile platform for a traditional industry, laundry.

LaManicurista (Colombia) This startup is the first app in Colombia providing immediate manicure and pedicure services, connecting customers to clients through their mobile platform.

MapTasking (Panama) MapTasking is an online platform that requires no internet connection, solving the complexities of managing remote field and merchandising workers.

MedicApp (Colombia) This is an app providing health services ranging from sending lab tests home, requesting ambulance services, and booking medical visits.

queo (Colombia) This startup connects parking owners with companies, to help provide safe and affordable parking spaces for company workers.

Sense Box (Colombia) Using an online platform, SenseBox offers every woman the possibility to test products recommended especially for them, without having to incur the total cost of each one.

Jolly Joker (Colombia) Jolly Joker is democratizing fashion by allowing anyone to design and sell products, or even create brands, instantly on their online platform.

EventSite (Colombia) A mobile app showcasing what entertainment is on offer in a city. With Eventsite you can find information about events, restaurants, bars and nightclubs and even reserve or buy tickets for special events.

After the program, these startups will gain access to Rockstarts Alumni Program, that includes PR and marketing support, fundraising advice, and legal and administrative services.


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