4 super-speedy delivery services for the patiently-challenged

May 18, 2016


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In this shrinking world full of increasingly impatient people, quick online delivery services are becoming all the rage. To paraphrase Queen, “We want it all, and we want it now!”

Of course, this comes as no real surprise. Streaming services and downloadable music started a trend in instant gratification that has, with time, strengthened steadily. While delivery services like Amazon Prime have sped deliveries up to 24 hours (though more on this later) other specialized couriers are becoming faster again.

Here are four super-speedy delivery options that could shape the way we order items to be delivered:


Until recently, Rapidus was based only in the San Francisco Bay area. However, after seeing revenue growth increase more than five times in five months, Rapidus has now expanded into the City of Angels, LA. Boasting a 24/7, one-hour delivery service, the courier claims to have costs that are 30%-50% less than its rivals. Customers can track deliveries in real time, too, which makes for increased user transparency.

Find it here: Rapidus


Shutl, from eBay, is a delivery service that allows users to choose whether or not the package can be delivered by bike, motorbike, car or van, depending on size and fragility (because items, such as Ming Vases, should not be transported by wicker basket). The platform boasts that its quickest ever delivery time to date is 00:13:57 which, by all accounts, is pretty damn speedy. Although not particularly suited to smaller business deliveries, Shutl counts Whole Foods, Schuh and Hotel Chocolat among its partnerships.

Find it here: Shutl

Quik Trak Messenger

Quik Trak Messenger service operates in New York and the tri-state area. Like Shutl, Quik Trak uses bikes to quickly deliver messages and packages around busy cities in ‘as little as 20 minutes’. Even for those with perishable goods, Quik Trak also has refrigerated trucks with which to deliver edibles and other such items. These can be ordered on demand, or used as part of a scheduled service.

Find it here: Quik Trak

Amazon Prime Air

Okay, okay, so this isn’t STRICTLY available yet. But it’s well under way. While drones are more infamously known for their military capabilities, Amazon is seeking to boost its Prime Service by offering a 30 minute delivery service by air. Currently being tested in the United States, the UK and Israel (because what the Middle East really needs is more drones), Amazon hopes to have its new aerial delivery service available to customers in the coming months.

Find it here: Amazon Prime Air


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