Tallyfy: Simplifying business processes by husband, wife duo (Interview)

August 11, 2016


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Husband and wife co-Founders of Tallyfy share their journey on simplifying business processes through their startup Tallyfy.

Founded by British couple Amit Kothari and Pravina Pindoria, Tallyfy simplifies processes for organizations that are overwhelmed with chaotic disorganization. The platform enable teams to achieve accurate, consistent and timely outcomes.

We caught up with Mr. Kothari to learn more about the power duo’s road to success.

How does Tallyfy’ business processes help to service the social side of tech?

We believe processes are too rigorous today, even though the are really about collaboration. Tallyfy aims to fix this by merging collaboration/social features with structured tracking of business processes. We call this “process collaboration” – a mix of the unstructured and structured parts of teamwork.

Does your professional background as CEO and co-Founder qualify you as a leader in your industry?

I spent over a decade doing process improvement and consulting in social tools with one of the pioneers in the space of “social for work.”

What motivates you to produce high quality services for your customers and what has been their feedback towards Tallyfy?

One of the key motivators of high quality services for us is business impact. When someone saves time and money, and it’s measurable – it’s good for them and us. A lot of customers shower us with testimonials, and it really keeps me and my team powering ahead and feeling great!

Can you discuss who are some of your competitors and what sets you apart?

SAP, Pega, Apia, and Oracle are the big players in the BPM industry but they have been using the same software for 10 years). Furthermore, they are focused almost entirely on Enterprise BPM.

For smaller to mid-sized companies, the products from these companies are way too expensive. Before Tallyfy, only big companies had the power of process management. Tallyfy is for everybody else who cannot afford or doesn’t have the patience for a 6 month product. Clients don’t need to be technical or IT savvy to use Tallyfy.

Does Tallyfy fit into an overall trend? How?

A major trend would be “Consumerization of enterprise” – the power of process management made easy for smaller companies.

Business users are sidestepping IT. There is a trend of bringing powerful BPM software to the masses. Making it quicker, easier and more affordable. What was traditionally available only for large enterprise companies can now be available for small to medium sized businesses.


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