Esport Media Network GAMURS Raises 2.2M USD To Expand Competitive Gaming Platform And Community Page

June 15, 2018


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It has been an intense week for gamers. Most notably due to the exciting news coming out of E3, with a lot of hype surrounding upcoming games such as Cyberpunk 2077, along with attention surround the news that Netflix might or might not be joining gaming (but probably not), which is a totally separate matter. Either way, it is a very exciting time in gaming history, especially if you live in Australia.

GAMURS, a leading esports media network, today announces that it has raised 2.2M USD (3M AUD) in funding from angel investors and Alium Capital, a Sydney-based cross-over investment fund focused on technology investments. This recent funding has brought GAMURS Group’s total amount raised to 5.7M USD (7.5 AUD).

GAMURS is a media network allowing passionate gamers to share their achievements, keep up to date with esports news, and improve their skills all under one platform. It will utilize this new influx of capital to target a series of initiatives, including the expansion of Dot Esports, a leading online publication and community page covering esports and competitive gaming. The all-in-one platform offers members breaking news, in-depth coverage of esports personalities and events, and includes an esports database – covering the rankings and stats for all major esports games.

The funding will also be put towards new strategic acquisitions, as well as advanced AI development for players’ skill improvement, and player improvement video guides on GAMURS newest platform, DoubleXP.

The esport industry has experienced a rapid growth over recent years, thanks to a huge fan base and overwhelming support from sponsorship and advertising. According to Newzoo’s 2018 Global Esports Market Report, the global esports economy is expected to grow to 905.6M USD this year. Gaming is simply no longer the act of playing a game. It’s transformed into an experience of playing, watching, stat tracking, competitions, pop culture and more, attracting new spheres of society. With this funding, the GAMURS Group has a unique opportunity to provide the esports experience fans seek and shape the future of gaming.

“This investment speaks to both the excitement of the GAMURS Group’s growth and the rise of the esports industry,” said Riad Chikhani, CEO and founder of GAMURS. “It’s clear that more gamers and non-gamers are embracing esports as players and viewers, and this hasn’t gone unnoticed by savvy investors.”

He added, “we are thrilled to be a major part of the esports industry rise, and with this funding, hope to reach new fans and better serve the growing esports community.”


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