Android fastest growing smartphone platform in Germany

January 19, 2011


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According to comScore, Google’s Android is the fastest growing smartphone platform in Germany. The data from comScore MobiLens reports on the three month average period in Germany ending November 2010.

The report ranked the leading smartphone platforms according to their share of users aged thirteen and over. Symbian leads the way with on average a 47.7% share, followed by Apple’s iOS with 19.5%, Windows Mobile with 13.7%, Android with 10.6%, and lastly Blackberry makers RIM with 4.8%.

Smartphone market share in Germany from November 2009 to November 2010

The report declares Android as the fastest growing OS, up 9.2% when compared to November 2009. Symbian, Windows Mobile, and RIM have all decreased market share when compared to November 2009, with Symbian’s share reduced dramatically by 10.8%. iOS has witnessed good growth with 4.3% market share gain in the last year.

Image courtesy of Georgo10 on Flickr.


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