The cleaning solutions startup killing viruses & bacteria with only salt, water, and electricity (podcast episode)

September 16, 2022


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If you’re on TikTok, there is a chance you may be familiar with a trend known as “product overload.” According to Insider, it is a trend that involves mixing cleaning chemicals in sinks and toilets to create “mesmerizing” visual results, but experts say it could be damaging to the environment.

Well, according to Dan Lawson, Co-Founder & President Of Business Affairs at Viking Pure Solution, a company that produces patented e-water, nontoxic solutions, and cleaning products, you don’t need a “product overload” to harm the environment when using cleaning products.

To better understand how our everyday cleaning products are impacting the environment and our health, and how Viking Pure’s cleaning products stand to make a difference, we sat down with Lawson to discuss this in today’s Brains Byte Back episode.

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In the episode, Lawson shares that normal chemical products have a multitude of ingredients with colors, fragrances and soaps that are added, which can damage surfaces over time.

However, Lawson argues that Viking Pure’s products are far more minimalist and walks us through how its machines are capable of taking salt (sodium chloride), mixing it with water, and combining it with electricity in a very specific way to create the company’s cleaning solutions.

We also discuss how Viking Pure’s solutions can help the environment not only by stopping harmful chemicals from being released into it, but also by reducing packaging, and carbon footprint. 

And finally, Lawson shares some case studies of how their products have helped clients and customers so far, alongside the story behind the name Viking Pure.

Disclosure: This episode includes a client of an Espacio portfolio company


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