How to avoid obsolete social media marketing strategies

May 26, 2016


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The art of social media marketing is rapidly becoming a necessary aspect in the corporate world. Today, any progressive enterprise needs to create awareness to the public about its products.

Let’s assume that you have the best product and you are 100% that the market demands it. The question is what channel will you use to create awareness about the existence of your product? Well, business executive and sales representatives often communicate the existence of a new product in three ways: traditional marketing, digital content promotion, and social media marketing.

Although hundreds of businesses still use traditional marketing techniques, the strategy is almost obsolete. Some business owners say old is gold while others argue that no matter what they do, traditional product promotion techniques almost always fail to work for them.

Emerging social media marketing trends

Digital content promotion and social media marketing are the new trends in marketing. You see the problem with traditional marketing is that it always tries to convince a potential customer to buy a product. Usually, the argument is often the same: that the product is good, has many benefits and worth buying. Pitching sale is not marketing. It’s forcing someone to buy a product because you think he or she needs it, even when he or she doesn’t. Social media marketing is different. It does not force customers into buying.

Instead of convincing people to buy a product because it is good, social media and content marketing provide valuable information that helps customers to decide whether they will purchase the product or look for alternatives. When people take the time to learn about the existence of a new product or business on the market, they can take their time and make their purchase decision, or buy a product if necessary.

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The social media platform has proved itself as the best option for online marketing, and each platform can work well for you if you carefully follow the right tips. Marketing products through the social media offer better results than any other marketing strategy, as it is more interactive and provides the marketer with a bigger and wider range of customers.

Choosing platforms

Essentially, choosing the social media sites that you will work with should be the first step for marketing online. Only the most useful, attractive and interactive sites should be utilized – you need to ignore the unpopular platforms. Undertaking frequent surveys on social media sites is the best way to know a frequently visited site and identifying those that have a reasonable population. The reports and feedback obtained from users and site administrator are necessary – try to analyze it as well. However, select the right number of websites that you can manage, too many or fewer sites will alter the results.

The optimum time factor is also something you should consider. Notably, depending on your audience or targeted clients, you have to know the most likely time when you will have the highest number viewers. Different groups of people have different times when they are most likely to be visiting the social site. Employees, for example, are more likely to be online in the early evenings and around the rush hour in the late afternoons while stuck on traffic jams. Know your audience and evaluate their optimum times, when they are most likely to be online for better results.

Getting noticed

The way you present your products in writing contributes a lot to your marketing results. Shallow descriptions, as well as plain boring and language with clichés, can be a significant setback for your marketing expedition. Consumers are attracted to more thrilling adverts as opposed to those that are too direct. Use a language that brings about some bit of suspense in the viewer and that which makes them want to read more. Inquisitive statements are very effective in attracting viewers, for example asking your clients whether they have heard of the latest release from your company.

Apart from language, the use of images is also an effective way of drawing viewers to view your content. However, use of images is a tricky business since some images tend to put off the customers if they consider them to be obscene. Other images may be too captivating to an extent that the viewer is carried away from the primary product being advertised. For example, while marketing car tires; using a very attractive vehicle model will divert the viewers’ attention from the tires to the vehicle itself. Therefore, caution should be taken while using images for marketing.

Stay active; maintain healthy relationships

Consequently, it is also important for any social media marketer to create a healthy bond with his or her clients. This can be achieved by allowing for clients to post their views about the products and interact freely with other consumers. Marketers should also respond effectively to the questions and comments raised by consumers about the products and also provide them with extra information for them to utilize. A healthy relationship with your clients enables you to understand their needs tastes and preferences as well as respond to them effectively.

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A healthy marketer should also do a follow up of his or her clients especially those that are new. For example if you are marketing a beauty product on twitter ensure that you respond to your new followers’ comments on you product. Avoid confronting critics with harshness rather handle them professionally, know when to ignore them and when to totally erase their posts. If the situation is too challenging for you, you can always hire an expert in social media management to manage for you the messages and such clients that criticize the product. In a recent interview with CEO of He said, “94% of our success achieved through digital marketing.”

Keep it fresh

Finally, a good marketer ensures that every product on his marketing list has something special in it that will make a consumer want to share with another client. Provide your customers with great deals such as discounts, tokens as well as chances for them to win prizes, making them want to learn more from your posts and as well share it out with their friends and family. Social media marketing is the new face of modern day marketing and has a lot of advantages if done in the right manner.

Priyanka Chowdary is a professional content writer at Coupon Machine. She has done her post graduation in English from The University of Calcutta and has flair to write articles on Tech, fashion, Health, Fitness, Beauty, and Diet. 


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