Understanding the dangers of social media (podcast)

November 23, 2020


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Social media has become such a deeply entrenched part of our lives, that abandoning it all together seems like an almost impossible task for many of us.

Therefore, in this episode, we will explore how we can have a better and healthier relationship with social media.

To do this we are joined by Scott Gazzoli, host of “Causing The Effect,” a podcast exploring how to effectively connect the mind and body through psychology and physiology.

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On the show, Gazzoli discusses what motivated him to start his podcast, why he is concerned about social media influencers, and how social media is impacting our ability to delay gratification.

We also discuss how YouTube’s homepage is designed to keep us watching content, often promoting extreme videos regardless of whether or not this information is good or bad.

In addition to the above, we also pick apart the idea that every generation is fearful of something new, negatively impacting a younger generation, such as video games or rap/heavy metal music.

In light of this, Gazzoli shares why he believes that social media is different from the fears of previous generations. 

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