10 cozy gaming accessories for everyone

June 2, 2024


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Exploring fantastical worlds, eradicating zombies, and fighting peculiar characters are just three of the things you can do while gaming. And the possibilities are endless as more games are developed for different tastes. 

What’s true is that there’s something for everyone, from the scary and sinister to the cute and comforting games. 

Thankfully, we can say the same about gaming accessories; they range from cool and stylistic to calming and inviting. When 71% of people turn to gaming to reduce stress, and 61% do so to reduce anxiety, your gaming setup should aid in soothing these feelings, too.

If you’ve been looking to improve your gaming setup with cute and cozy accessories, look no further. 

Check out these next 10 gaming accessories for everyone that will elevate your gaming experience with colorful layouts, textured surfaces, and adorable characters.

Couchmaster® CYPINK

Image Credit: nerdytec

Sometimes, it’s difficult to find a gaming setup that goes beyond black and gray colors. And, while they’re quite convenient, there’s little flair to them. 

The Couchmaster CYPINK is here to change that! This is the ultimate couch desk for those looking for more colorful and textured gaming experiences from the comfort of their sofas. 

Its side cushions are fluffy and have a plush-like texture, and it features several pockets to keep your cables and other items tidy, as well as a sustainable bamboo ventilation grid, a maxi mouse pad, and a tablet holder.

Logitech POP Keys Wireless Mechanical Keyboard

Image Credit: Logitech

If you’re into ASMR, there’s nothing more relaxing than the sound of a pop. So, for people who get their ASMR fix from the light tapping sound of a keyboard, the Logitech POP Wireless Keyboard will do the trick for you. 

Its keys are round, its colors are soft (with five color combinations to choose from), it has a 33-foot wireless range, and it’s made with 41% recycled material. 

Plus, if you’re into filling up your messages with emojis, this keyboard has four extra emoji keys you can place on the right-hand side to type your emotions with a click!

WUYU Fruit Seat Cushion

Image Credit: WUYU Store

You can add extra fluff to your gaming setup with many items, but none might be as cute and comforting as the WUYU Fruit Seat Cushion

This item’s seat shape is perfect for placing on top of your chair or when you feel like switching locations on the floor or bed, relieving you of waist and back pain in any spot. 

The plush seat is removable, doubling as a standalone cotton pillow to rest your head or arms when playing on your Nintendo Switch. 

The cushion comes in several colors, including an adorable avocado or a mangosteen. Way to cozy up your game!

Rainy Day Desk Mat

Image Credit: SenseForest

Who doesn’t love a little bit of rainy, moody charm? 

This Rainy Day Desk Mat is made with non-skid rubber at the bottom and soft fabric on the top, so you can place your mouse and keyboard on top and have a comfortable gaming session. 

Desk mats preserve your desk’s material from wear and tear over the years, keep keyboards in place during intense gaming sessions, and allow optical and laser mice to glide more easily. Plus, they add comfort to your elbows and wrists!

But what makes this one unique is the beautiful illustration that depicts greenery and a rainy day. If you’re looking for calm images for your gaming station, you can’t go without this unique mat.

Bunny Phone Stand Holder

Image Credit: bifine store

This item is essential for keeping your phone in sight while staying focused on your game! 

The Bunny Phone Stand Holder lets you keep your phone right next to your monitor so you can check both screens whenever needed and quickly tap the screen if you need to answer a call or text. 

The adorable bunny ears come in a range of soft pastel colors, and the weighted base and the adjustable aluminum support are also perfect to hold heavier objects like a tablet at whatever height you need. 

This bunny-themed phone stand is ideal for keeping devices in your peripheral view with an aesthetic touch.

Lightweight Fleece Blanket

Image Credit: HIMEET

Nothing says cozy like a throw blanket. They’re soft, stunning, and perfect for keeping you warm during cold days when you just want to snuggle and play video games. 

Cue the Lightweight Fleece Blanket: Its smooth ridged fabric is ideal for stimulating the senses and soothing you while you decompress with an enjoyable gaming session. 

Plus, it’s perfect for solo sessions or with friends, as it comes in three different sizes (and two colors). After your gaming session, this blanket becomes an eye-catching decoration for your bed.

Wireless Hamster-Shaped Mouse

Image Credit: SHARE SUNSHINE Store

No gaming setup is ever complete without a playful mouse, or in this case, a hamster mouse! 

This Wireless Hamster-Shaped Mouse comes in five different colors to fit your aesthetic. 

But it isn’t just for the looks; its cordless and ergonomic design gives your hand comfort during extended gaming sessions and its resistant material withstands long use. 

It’s also compatible with most devices, so it’s the perfect gift, or for anyone using multiple operating systems.

ANGTUO Wooden Mushroom Lamp

Image Credit: ANGTUO Inc

Setting the mood for gaming sessions is all about the right lighting. The ANGTUO Wooden Mushroom Lamp does just that, with a touch of playfulness from its adorable mushroom shape. 

This small lamp fits perfectly on your desk or nightstand and has four dimming options, 16 vibrant colors, and four dynamic lighting modes to fit any mood or aesthetic you want to go for.

The natural wood and silicone canopy are durable and can be cleaned easily, helping you keep your desk area tidy and visually appealing.

Nintendo Switch Thumb Grips

Image credit: StickyBunny 

Cuteness overload alert! These Nintendo Switch Thumb Grips are simply adorable and the perfect addition to elevate your Switch’s look. 

These tiny grips come in fours and are made of non-slip silicone that is safe to the touch. They also add a bigger surface area to handle the sticks, giving you more comfort when moving your fingers around and needing to quickly grab the sticks.

Their ergonomic shape makes them easy to maneuver, creating no disruption to your game, plus… they’re glittery and come in blue and pink pastels — cotton candy perfection!

Customizable Starlight Headphone Stand

Image credit: HelloOregano

This final item is the finishing touch for audio addicts. Do you hate leaving your headphones on your desk making a mess of your aesthetic? 

This Customizable Starlight Headphone Stand will end your struggles and elevate your desk’s vibe all at once. While its main purpose is to hold your headset, it also doubles as beautiful decor for your desk.

You can choose from many color combinations and three-star designs, plus it comes with a tiny Kirby on top! And this Etsy item has over 600 positive reviews, in case you needed any more convincing.

Saying there’s something for everyone is truly an understatement. From pinks to pastels to shades of gray, these cozy items are sure to enhance your aesthetic and upgrade your gaming setup with added comfort and convenience.

Disclosure: This article mentions a client of an Espacio portfolio company. 


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