Connect: Logistics, a competition sparking conversation between logistics startups and the media

February 1, 2022


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An event focused on the supply chain, its problems, and more importantly, some of its potential solutions, is coming to the virtual stage this week through a pitch competition. Connect: Logistics will bring together leading members of the media with some of the most innovative logistics startups from around the world.

The event will be taking place this Wednesday, February 2nd, 2022 from 1 PM to 2:30 PM ET, and is completely free to attend. For those interested in attending or participating, organizers ask that you register here on Eventbrite for free. 

Six logistics startups will pitch their ventures to a panel of Media Judges and receive valuable feedback about their companies before the panel selects a winner. This competition will also help to stimulate a dynamic conversation—discussing some of the biggest challenges currently plaguing the supply chain, and what each competitor company is doing to help innovate and overcome these challenges.

Logistics: The Key to the Future of The Supply Chain

The majority (57%) of companies believe that supply chain management gives them a competitive edge, but only 22% wield a proactive supply chain network. Being reactive is generating serious consequences for companies across industries, with supply chain disruptions causing a massive 62% loss in finances for business. 

This shows why logistics companies are so desperately needed in the current transportation network era and could be to the supply chain’s success. 

Logistics is an industry designed to run the numbers and with its help, businesses can not only more accurately project answers to some of the most pressing problems in the supply chain, but understand what improvements are needed to help take back their narrative despite a broken system. 

The participants of the Connect: Logistics event will demonstrate some of their real-world solutions to the media panel, with a Q&A session with the Media Judges to follow. This is when founders and members of the audience can also interact, asking their own questions to gain valuable insights. The panel of Media Judges includes:

  • Esther Poveda, Senior Editor, Video; Univision
  • Quentyn Kennemer, Tech and Gaming Editor, Forbes
  • Marc Berman, Editor In Chief, Programming Insider
  • Andrew Wight, Science Contributor, Forbes
  • Steve Banker, Logistics Contributor, Forbes
  • Tim Hinchliffe, Editor, The Sociable
  • Navanwita Sachdev, Editor, The Tech Panda
  • Stefano De Marzo, Editor, Novobrief
  • Már Másson Maack, Former Editor, TNW

Closing Thoughts 

Any company that sells a product is directly connected to the supply chain, and even still many other businesses are linked to it indirectly one way or another. This makes the supply chain a vital part of what makes any business, big or small, find success, and explains its whopping market size value of $15.85 billion. 

All members of the startup community are invited to watch the Connect: Logistics event, and again attendance is FREE. 

For those that have questions, please reach out to and we will see you this Wednesday, February 2nd, 2022 from 1 PM to 2:30 PM ET to find out more about what the future of the supply chain has in store.


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