Healthcare Bots Digitally Transform Vietnam’s Medical Facilities

July 5, 2017


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Thanks to healthcare bots, medical centers in Vietnam can now provide comprehensive healthcare with a higher quality of service at lower costs.

The Hue Family Medicine Center in Vietnam had problems in keeping up with the demand for quality care at community health centers where doctors were not always available.

Finding a solution to this dilemma lay in coming up with a way to organize staff, diagnose illnesses, make recommendations, and book doctors.

Undergoing a thorough digital transformation, the Hue Family Medicine Center partnered with CLAS Healthcare who then tapped Microsoft to introduce comprehensive healthcare bots into the system, which provided a 21st century solution to an antiquated problem.

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Healthcare Bots Features

The aptly-named Bacsi24x7 Bot, which coincides with CLAS’s medical management software of the same name, is based on the Microsoft Bot Framework technology. This allows healthcare providers and primary care clinics to connect and provide diagnostic and treatment regimens along with recommendations, which are based on available medical knowledge of the Hue Family Medicine Center and the features of Azure Machine Learning.

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The bot links the patient’s history, symptoms, and complaints to Microsoft’s Language Understanding Intelligent Service (LUIS), to support the staff in making decisions about suitable specialties, diagnoses, and treatments for patients.

This feature is integrated with the electronic medical record system and is used effectively for assisting patients in finding relevant doctors, making appointments all by themselves via popular chat applications such as Skype, Facebook, Messenger, etc.

The aim here is to help patients reduce a significant amount of waiting time and to assist in coordinating the flow of patients, which results in the reduction of overloads.

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According to Microsoft’s Real Life Code blog, “One common request from companies and organizations considering bots is the ability to ‘hand off’ a customer from a bot to a human agent as seamlessly as possible.”

The Bacsi24x7 Bot was designed with this “hand off” in mind, and it can now be used by any customer anywhere in the world.

Launching Healthcare Bots across Vietnam

After the successful launch of the Microsoft Bot at the Hue Family Medicine Center (photos below), CLAS Healthcare is now launching the same service in Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi.

The Hue Family Medicine Center is the first customer of this type of service and is authorized by the Vietnam Ministry of Health to serve 15,000 patients per year in the city of Hue.

The Microsoft team members leading the way on this project were Technical Evangelists Alyssa Ong, Nigel Parker, Francis Nguyen, Toan Huynh, General Manager Dave Mendlen, and Retail Architect Renee Dothard.


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