4 ways technology is changing weddings

September 22, 2017


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We are used to technology changing our everyday lives—because that is pretty much what the consumer side of technology exists for, but what about weddings?

When it comes to a wedding, there are several things that spring to mind, one of which – how could we use technology to create something unique?

So here are four ideas you could use to make the evening extra special with the help of technology.

1) Leave selfie sticks lying all over the place

So simple and so cheap. Lifewire did a decent rundown of the best selfie sticks. For a bit of extra spend you could have these things lying around during the dinner and reception, and it’s no guess as to how they might be put to use during the revelries.

You will end up with all sorts of pictures you never expected, having essentially outsourced a large chunk of of picture-taking to your guests. Just wait and see: once the reception begins and before you know it, you will have groups forming around these sticks being held up in the air across the crowded room. The next day you will wake up to a bombardment of messages and Instagrams of unfocused, uncentered and badly timed pictures. Professional, they won’t be—but hilarious and memorable, most certainly. 

2) Create an online registry for your gifts and honeymoon

For both the couple and the guests, gifts at weddings can be awkward. Plenty of people who do not know you well enough to buy you presents—will be buying you presents. There will be plenty of doubling up. Organizing all those presents at the end of the reception? The timing is just not right. Maybe a better gift would be to just contribute to your honeymoon instead?

Fortunately you can just organise the whole thing online, making it easier for everyone concerned. Websites like Blue Register allow you set such things up, personalize them, and let the wonders of the web do the rest so your attention can be focused in a more necessary direction

3) Get the photographer using drones

The photographer is always going to do the set pieces and wander around the party getting snaps of people smiling and mid-good-time. You should buy a drone or two for a couple of reasons: firstly, they are just cool and you will be able to use them after for all sorts of things up to—and including—scaring the cat. Second, the drone can fly off out of everyone’s reach and get pictures from perspectives hitherto unknown to wedding photography.

Tell me you don’t want a picture from up high looking down on the whole dancefloor? Or up above the door exiting the service, with the confetti flying everywhere?

4) Buttonhole cams for bride and groom

Jokes aside, these are perfectly real things now. No longer is it only Bond who can wield such technological trickery. Perhaps not suitable for the whole evening, that might get weird.

As part of that wedding video you would surely want to relive the moments of walking down the aisle, waiting at the altar, the first dance—all from a first person perspective. It will add a whole new dimension to your memories of the day, as you rewatch not just thinking, “I remember what that looked like from my perspective” but “that was exactly what I was seeing!”

Now you are all equipped, go forth and get hitched.


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