How AI as a Service will be imperative for business in the near future

November 26, 2016


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Many companies are now adopting the use of AI as a Service. Consumers are already encountering it in their daily activities while on the social media platform (i.e. Facebook and not to forget Google).

This has made AI become a major component in the lives of consumers. Given its wide applications, companies are now facing an imperative of integrating it into services and products, if not they may not be on the competitive edge with the firms that are utilizing these data collection platforms.

The latest declaration of Salesforce Einstein, which was dubbed AI for everyone, has managed to shed some light on the pervasive and new usage of AI in all aspects of businesses.

Chances are that the subsequent customer generation will be so used to digital technology, thus there will be a need for companies to meet their desires. So far the use of AI has been complex and costly for most businesses to take up. To some point it can prove quite a challenge when it comes to integrating it with your business, this has made most companies make decisions without basing on information. In a few years, this will significantly change since AI will become more pervasive, which will make companies and employees faster, smarter and highly productive.

From clients to the business

Unconsciously, the world of customers has for a very long time used an Artificial Intelligence-based system. For instance, Siri has the knowledge of when the movies will be shown and can even recommend a good theater based on the location of the user. Facebook has the capacity to recognize pictures of friends with an accuracy level of ninety-eight percent, which is impressive. On the other hand, Nest learns more about household habits, which can optimize the cooling and heating patterns.

The most impressive bit about these systems is the fact that they have AI driven functions, without having to expose the user to functionality complexities surrounding the Artificial Intelligent model, machine learning or deep learning. The data scientists are not an option, as they are not in the picture, if only on the surface.

Move towards AI as a Service

Thanks to companies such as Silvia, you will be able to access artificial intelligence as a service. This platform is powered by cognitive code, thus it has been adequately customized to suit all kinds of customers. The AI as a Service platform continuously learns and stores the information it receives, thus gets smarter with each interaction. Your business will experience top notch user experience, which will have the potential of growing sales, delivering better customer service and capturing leads faster.

With the assistance of platforms like these, you will be able to acquire relevant insight, recommending next action, automating tasks and even making a prediction of future behavior. These platforms will contribute greatly to the success of your business as it has one of the best and most unique and more personalized Customer Response Management (CRM).

Chatbots another kind of AIaaS

Conversational bots or chatbots are currently a trending topic in the Artificial Intelligence field. For the case of both business and customers, they provide the capacity where a system that is AI-based can interact with users via a headless interface. Regardless of whether a speech-to-text system or messaging application is utilized, or a different app, the chatbot is simply front-end agnostic.

Since the user doesn’t have the capacity to issue content revolving on the discussion, he only asks questions while using natural language. The questions are addressed to an AI driven backend which is tasked with figuring out the context and searching for the appropriate answer.

In order to effectively deploy AI as a Service, firms will have to maintain high security and privacy. This is because AI is highly fueled by data. When a machine gains more data concerning a certain individual, it becomes better at predicting most of their needs. However, the large flow of these personal data may be used in a manner that breaches trust. The positive thing is that AI can actually detect and consequently defend against the digital security breaches, thus plays a fundamental role when it comes to guarding the privacy of the user.


While artificial intelligence continues to widen its wings, there is no doubt that in the near future the use of AI as a Service platforms to customers and the business will become a norm. For the case of upcoming businesses present in the market, it is crucial to make a good choice of a firm when it comes to obtaining quality service provision.

Vivian Michaels is a huge tech enthusiast, who likes to write articles on evolving technology. He is also a fitness coach with a sincere desire to help people achieve their individual fitness goals.


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