Atlas Navi launches flagship app to unite the virtual and digital worlds on the road

September 8, 2022


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Atlas Navi’s goal is to unite the virtual and digital worlds on the road, and this July they came closer to that goal with the launch of their flagship navigation app which was downloaded 75,000 times, with 65,000 drivers registering for the new service.

What makes Atlas Navi different from industry giants like Google Maps is that it requires a smartphone and incorporates NFTs and cryptocurrencies in order to collect more data than any other navigation app. Atlas Navi does this by tokenifying the process of getting from ‘a’ to ‘b’ in a way that democratizes your daily commute through digital commodification.

The company is announcing today its Drive to Earn app, which gamifies GPS services while utilizing user’s smartphone camera to detect road conditions and automatically alert other drivers.

The company currently generates more than 100 times more data per mile than non-commodified navigation apps by harvesting 25 pictures a second through its users’ cameras. Then, this massive amount of surveilled terrain is fed into a machine learning algorithm that alerts other drivers using the app to road conditions such as accidents, traffic conditions, police vehicles, and available street parking in real-time. 

Users are rewarded for the data their cameras generate with activity-generated $DRIVE tokens that can be then swapped for $NAVI cryptocurrency, which can then be swapped for spendable money – or used to buy 3D digital car NFTs or other premium features.

Users with valuable car NFTs can rent out their digital assets to other users, form paid driving clubs, and more through the in-app marketplace connected to their digital wallet. 

“We are extremely thrilled to announce that over 65,000 drivers registered to use Atlas Navi in the first month of our beta launch. Our mission is to save hundreds of thousands of hours per year of driving time by finding the best route possible for our community, and to reward those who use their dash cams or smartphones to monitor and improve road conditions,” said George Grama, CEO of Atlas Navi. 

Perfectly suited to allow gig economy workers a new way to commoditize their driving experience, Atlas Navi’s unique token reward system means the longer your camera is pointed at the road, the more $NAVI you are able to purchase.

And, since $NAVI is tradable on cryptocurrency exchanges, this could mean that those hours spent sitting in traffic could mean a huge potential payday as $BTC is expected to rise to $1 million by 2030, according to superstar Silicon Valley investor Cathie Wood.

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