5 days of Canadian creativity, diversity await at C-Tribe Festival in Edmonton

November 7, 2018


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The C-Tribe Festival, a five-day event that gathers a community driven by diversity and helping innovative and creative people achieve their dreams, returns to Edmonton on November 13.

In just two years the C-Tribe Festival has grown to five days of innovative and creative programming, featuring 50 speakers and over 1,000 attendees.

“We live in a world of collisions”

The festival will take place November 13 to 17 in the “Festival City” of Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.

Alberta has been an artificial intelligence leader for more than a decade, with Google AI subsidiary DeepMind planning their first international office for Edmonton. This is yet another indicator that the city is an emerging hub for ideas, talent and opportunities – and the ideal host for C-Tribe Festival.

C-Tribe Festival

Sahr Saffa

We live in a world of collisions. A world where two seemingly opposing concepts could be molded into one and transformed into new and re-imagined industries,” said Sahr Saffa, Founder at C-Tribe Festival and VP of Operations at AutonomIQ.

“Collisions break down barriers between ideas, points of view, and create new grounds that we can explore and build upon together,” he added.

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During the event, speakers and attendants will be discussing a wide variety of topics. Some of the main events of the festival include:

Notable speakers will include Burning Man public relations director Megan Miller, Alberta Machine Intelligence Institute founding member Jonathan Schaeffer, and Endor Coin chief alchemist and blockchain community pioneer Mihaela Ulieru.

Fireside chats, panels and keynotes about fashion technology, artificial intelligence, smart cities, and the blockchain comprise the Elevate section of this year’s event. Integrated events and engagements, like the C-Illuminate Fashion Show, C-Garden Fashion Show and Deep-Dive Tracks, embody the Captivate section.

Finally, the Meditate portion of this year’s program aims to host guest activities which bring clarity, intention and performance.

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