Could you be Twitter’s first platform evangelist in Europe?

March 26, 2012


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Twitter is searching for its first Europe-based platform evangelist, according to the latest job posting for the company’s website.

But before you start dusting off your CV, be aware that this isn’t a technical role but a political one. Twitter says it’s looking for someone with “experience in government, politics or public policy with deep familiarity across all three disciplines,” and only a “reasonable fluency in technology” to promote its message and brand across the EU.

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The full time position, which is based in the company’s newly opened Dublin office, calls for the successful candidate to liaise with Irish and European government officials and the media.  They will become the face and voice of Twitter at public and industry gatherings.

“Public policy issues posed by the continuing spread of digital technology and web-based communications services now arise in regulatory bodies and legislatures around the world.  As Twitter’s first public policy staffer in Europe, this will be your opportunity to be part of this conversation and actively assist in the development and advocacy of public policy solutions to pressing high technology issues.”

According to the job listing this won’t just be an Irish affair, Twitter’s Public Policy Manager – to give the position its full title, will be required to promote Twitter’s message in Brussels and across the EU.  They will “meet with key government, political and media representatives to help them understand Twitter and advance policy helpful to Twitter, our users and the Internet at large.”

The Public Policy Manager will be work with the company’s legal team to “assist in the preparation of presentation materials for engagement with policymakers, regulators and lawmakers”…. with regard to “regulation important to Twitter.”

The job hints at the increasingly prominent role Twitter and other social tools are playing in global politics.  In the past year Twitter has been at the fore of social and political events in Europe online, as with much of the world, forcing it to balance legal responsibilities while providing a platform for free speech.

The job also marks one of the most public positions available in Twitter’s new Dublin office, giving it a prominent position in Twitter’s European activities.

Whoever becomes Twitter’s Public Policy Manager will have to run the fine line between the law’s shifting requirements and Twitter users’ needs.  With this, Twitter says it needs someone who can “meet the legitimate needs of policymakers while advancing the interests of Twitter users.”

As for candidates, Twitter says it’s looking for someone who is familiar with Irish politics and policies and has a working knowledge of the same in the EU and it’s Member States’.

Twitter also says you’ll also need a GSOH.


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Ajit Jain

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