Dr Gindi’s “The Fateful Choice” comes to Beacon, New York on June 3rd

June 1, 2023


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As temperatures in New York continue to rise, Ethan Cohen Gallery is almost ready for its Welcome Summer Cocktail Party to host the first solo New York show of acclaimed global sculptor Dr Gindi.

Dr Gindi’s latest exhibition ‘The Fateful Choice’ was recently showcased at documenta fifteen in Kassel, and at the Venice Biennial.

Now, Ethan Cohen Gallery (at the KuBe Art Center) is bringing this critically praised bronze to New York. 

Staged against the backdrop of the Hudson Valley and accompanied by jazz singer Melanie Marod, the event on June 03, 2023 will reveal Dr Gindi’s latest piece, portraying a solitary female character holding a knife behind her back, frozen in time against a variety of possible outcomes.

Acclaimed sculptors and artists in Beacon, New York 

Though New York has no shortage of galleries thanks to its thriving arts scene, Ethan Cohen Gallery occupies a distinct place in contemporary art as a center of creativity across disciplines and countries.

A Fateful Choice

It has represented both emerging and internationally renowned artists for over thirty years across its two galleries: One in Chelsea in the heart of New York City and the other in The KuBe Art Center in Beacon, Upstate New York.

The latter is housed at the Kube Art Center alongside experimental art spaces and 48 studios, designed as a space to promote the international exchange of culture and art, as well as unite local and global artists in a community forum.  

This makes it the perfect location to showcase ‘The Fateful Choice’ and share Dr Gindi’s intellectually daring work with the local community of art lovers and creators.

Classically trained as a sculptor, Dr Gindi tends to work in clay that is later forged in bronze to bring her perspective on human conditions to life in permanence. 

“My work is full of dichotomies as I seek to stage paradox and harmony. I am not dogmatic about my style as I make sculptures that resist codification. I am always developing and thus returning back to its origins – the kneading of clay,” said Dr Gindi on the processes behind her sculptures. 

Previous works from Dr Gindi include ‘Meandering Souls’, ‘A Luminous Life’ and ‘Silent Resignation.’ Following the cocktail reception on June 3rd, her latest groundbreaking work ‘The Fateful Choice’ housed at Ethan Cohen Gallery until September 23, 2023. 

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