Founder Institute NY graduates new cohort through premier startup accelerator program

August 12, 2021


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The Founder Institute has added 15 founders to its newest cohort of graduates through its premier startup accelerator program in New York, led by Managing Director Reid Hamilton.

The companies graduating from the batch of Founder Institute (FI) New York span across industries such as fintech, organic recycling, sporting events, and more.

Many of the world’s fastest-growing startups have used the Founder Institute to transition from employee to entrepreneur, test their startup ideas, build a team, get their first customers, and to raise funding.

With the mission to “Globalize Silicon Valley,” the Founder Institute launched in New York City in 2009 and has helped entrepreneurs launch hundreds of promising companies — “many of whom are some of the world’s fastest growing startups,” according to FI. Mentors at the NYC chapter include Stefan Klotzbuecher of Audicus, among others.

One of the ways to measure an accelerator’s success is to analyze what benefits its graduates earn after graduation. This can come in the form of great networking and mentorship, funding, job creation, and whether or not that graduate company is still in existence. Since 2009, Founder Institute has helped over 5,000 entrepreneurs worldwide.

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The latest graduates from the New York program include:

Kamuran Candan of Carpal
CarPal was created to help drivers to prove that they are good drivers while connecting insurance and automotive companies to sell their products and services after data is processed to identify the need.

Travis Pham of Fonduu
Fonduu is a peer-to-peer marketplace for users to list what they have and rent what they need.

Jaclyn Yost of ecomadic
ecomadic is a curated online marketplace travelers can learn and find pre-vetted socially & environmentally sustainable accommodations, shops, eateries, experiences; and saving local & small responsible tourism businesses money on bookings.

Nadya Yaghoubi and Olga Gorbunova of Task with Me
Task with Me (TWM) is a SaaS platform solution that allows real estate professionals and their customers to share documentation in a transparent and efficient way.

Ahmed ElMotaz Mohamed of Aliph
Aliph is developing an e-wallet payment solution for wholesalers and suppliers collect their payments using QR code. it is solving the legacy cash collection problems of suppliers and wholesalers, and the difficulty of SMBs which accepts cashless payments in paying their suppliers.

Founder Institute NYC Managing Director Reid Hamilton (Photo Credit: LinkedIn)

Nao Takada 
His company helps litigators win smart by providing easy to search database for publicly available testimony.

Rose Pember and Daisy Conroy of Hodge
Hodge is an organics recycling service that helps restaurants track, manage + reinvest their food waste as valuable amendment with regional farms.

Jonathan Jennings
Company is a virtual clinic for men of color. The clinic seeks to meet the unique complex needs for this population. Black men suffer worse health outcomes than any other racial group in America.

Amit Gathani of OrderTaker
OrderTaker offers a field rep mobile app and B2B eCommerce web store that allows Wholesale Distributors to increase revenues through increased cross-sell and upsell opportunities for field reps and reduced back-office administrative costs through the reduction of data entry of orders by admin staff.

Augustus Christensen of Share Scoops
Share Scoops is empowering the millennial generation’s voices & dollars with a mobile platform that helps you understand the economy, react to it, & build confidence investing in it

David Silverstein of Ned
Ned is a financial technology platform that helps small business owners manage and stay accountable when they get working capital from their friends and family (F&F). Ned’s end-to-end solution allows businesses to properly document agreements, share business performance information, and stay on top of repayments.

Jonathan Brinson and Sean Pohjalainen of Revelr
Revelr creates interactive experiences between fans and business hosting their favorite televised sporting events.


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