How opening a burger shop brand inspired this entrepreneur to create an immersive training startup (podcast episode)

October 14, 2022


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In 2014, Jose M. Azares established a boutique burger shop brand that would later expand to three locations across Alberta, Canada. Due to the high turnover rate in the hospitality industry, Azares was constantly taking on new hires. 

When taking on new starts, they would take part in shadow training from day one to day seven, when they would be considered self-sufficient and no longer needed guidance. 

However, Azares saw this conventional method of training as ineffective and recognized that many new starts were unhappy with it, but did it anyway because they wanted the job. 

After leaving this venture behind, Azares set out to create a new business to change the way companies carry out training. 

Inspired by the immersive training that pilots go through, Azares decided to create NIDUM, a company that produces immersive training programs for businesses across all industries.

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In today’s episode of Brain Byte Back, we are joined by Azares to discuss why he believes immersive training is a vital next step for businesses everywhere when taking on new hires, alongside what industries he sees benefiting the most from this new type of training.

Additionally, Azares walks us through, step by step, how a user would use NIDUM’s training program and what the process looks like.

Disclosure: This episode includes a client of an Espacio portfolio company


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