How to incorporate & operate a US-based company remotely as an international founder (podcast episode)

August 5, 2022


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In a number of past episodes on Brain Byte Back, we have focused on what it is like to live as a digital nomad, and solutions to tackle the challenges of the new decentralized workforce, but in today’s episode we will be tackling a novel topic related to this new, online, borderless world of work and business. 

Because in today’s episode we will be speaking with Abhinov Balagoni, Founder & CEO of Pax Credit, a startup that provides financial services for international students such as cross-border payments and access to affordable credit.

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In this episode, we walk listeners through how they can incorporate and operate a US-based company remotely as an international founder. 

Balagoni also explains the two types of companies one can build – C Corp, and the other – LLC companies, and why this is important for anyone looking to start a US-based company. 

Alongside, why Delaware and Wyoming are the two most popular states to establish businesses. 

We also get into the nitty-gritty of how listeners can start a company incorporation packet, create a business bank account, and get a credit card as a startup.

Additionally, we discuss what technology and tools Balagoni has found to be vital for building a startup that operates in different countries remotely. And finally, what is next on the horizon for Pax Credit. 

Disclosure: This episode includes a client of an Espacio portfolio company


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