MediaSift brings realtime sentiment and text analysis to Twitter search

April 5, 2011


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Credit: DataSift Weibsite/MediaSift

Social networking utility Twitter and content analysis company MediaSift have announced a long term data-sharing partnership which will see MediaSift offering realtime data analysis aimed at business and power users, the companies announced.

Under MediaSift’s DataSift brand the freemium service will allow users to search and filter Twitter’s full firehose of content according to over 40 pieces of metadata contained in each tweet. The company will also aggregate and analyse Twitter content according to user sentiment, user influence, reach and text analysis.

According to MediaSift,

“DataSift aggregates multiple different real time streams from Twitter, Google Buzz, WordPress, SixApart blogs, MySpace, Digg and Facebook to name just a few! All in real time. We are constantly building upon our real time feeds, and our goal is to expand this geographically encompassing regions as diverse as China and Latin America. The DataSift platform will even integrate with Enterprise content management systems. It is that scalable. 

[…]This enables brands, researchers, consumers and publishers, to unlock the power of infinite data, in a manageable and digestible way.”

Interestingly the service will partially charge on the by-hour basis. One hour’s access will be available for ~US$0.30 with a year’s access for no more than ~US$8k. Pricing for data analysis and filtering will costed by each requirement, geo-specific content will be more expensive than basic search for sentiment.

Talking to ReadWriteWeb MediaSift CEO, Nick Halstead, described some of the 40 metrics by which data can be filtered, as well as their pricing,

“Want a feed of negative Tweets written by C-level execs about any of 10,000 keywords? Trivial! Basic level service, Halstead says! Want just the Tweets that fit those criteria and are from the North Eastern United States? That you’ll have to pay a little extra for. The possibilities are staggering.”

No firm date has been given for the launch of the site, although Halstead says the site will open to the public “in the coming weeks.”

MediaSift’s most public work to date has been tweetmeme, a Twitter link aggregation service and one of the world’s most visited sites.


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