Microsoft Accelerator Celebrates 5th Anniversary and 2nd Global Startup Roadshow

June 5, 2017


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Microsoft Global Startup Partners recently celebrated its 5th year in existence and its 600-strong alumni network. The organization also recently hosted its 2nd Microsoft Global Startup Roadshow, which brought together 15 of its top global portfolio startups to Silicon Valley and Seattle.

During the week-long event each of the startup CEOs met with Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella, along with other executives. Sessions included a roundtable with Jeana Jorgensen from Microsoft’s Go-to-Market program, a session on corporate M&A and strategic business development led by Cyra Richardson, and a Q&A centered on evangelism with Steven Guggenheimer (CVP of Developer Experience) and Kurt Steck (GM of Developer Experience).

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Zack Weisfeld, General Manager at Microsoft Startup Growth Partners

Other sessions included an Enterprise Readiness event led by Microsoft’s Alec Saunders and Didem Un Ates, and a roundtable with EVP of Cloud & Enterprise Scott Guthrie for a roundtable and Azure deep dive.

In addition to learning from industry leaders, 15 startups from eight different tech ecosystems (New York, London, Belgium, Berlin, Paris, India, China, and Tel Aviv) discussed founder dilemmas with one another in breakout sessions that enabled peer-to-peer mentoring and knowledge sharing.

On the final day of the Global Startup Roadshow, Microsoft’s startups had the opportunity to pitch their companies to Microsoft Chairman John W. Thompson and rounded out the week with fireside chats with LinkedIn CEO Jeff Weiner, along with author, speaker, and entrepreneur Guy Kawasaki.

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Global Director Ravi Narayan with Chairman John Thompson

According to Forbes, from 2011 to 2016, the number of global active corporate investors increased three-fold to 965. Today, 41 of the Fortune 100 companies have a dedicated CVC team. Microsoft’s Roadshow, and the continued success of its program, is a way to enable Microsoft to continue to separate itself from this pack.

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Other members of Microsoft that attended include Head of Operations Amir Pinchas, Abhishek Bajaj, Erin Sanchez, and Yonit Soloducho. Here are the 15 global portfolio startups Microsoft took on the road to Silicon Valley and Seattle:


Agolo’s summarization platform, led by its CEO Sage Wohns, scans and groups massive streams of documents to create human-readable summaries.


AllMobilize, started by CEO Benfeng Chen, is China’s leading enterprise browser and HTML5 solution provider which develops a cross-device, secure and managed browser enabling enterprise employees to work across any device.


CloudCherry, with its CEO Vinod Muthukrishnan, is an omni-channel (in store, tablet, online, app) voice of customer platform that helps brands track, measure and improve customer experience.


Cognisess creates a predictive people analytics tool, which enables businesses to predict future performance, retention and talent development potential based on the sum of hundreds of millions of data points in real-time using machine learning. Cognisess was founded by Chris Butt.


Coralogix, led by Guy Kroupp, is a machine learning powered log analytic service which helps software companies avoid getting lost in their log data.


CoScale creates a cloud monitoring & smart analytics platform that provides full-stack performance monitoring, enabling businesses to capture web and business performance analytics that can impact the user experience and provide insight into business metrics. CoScale’s CEO is Stijn Polfliet.

Illusive Networks

Illusive Networks, led by Ofer Israeli, is a deception-based cybersecurity company with patent-pending technology that neutralizes targeted attacks and Advanced Persistent Threats (APT) by creating a deceptive layer across the entire network.


IPlytics develops a market intelligence tool that leverages the use of e.g. patent files, scientific articles, standards documents or company data empowering users to identify insights on relevant technology trends and market competition. IPlytics is led by Tim Pohlmann., led by Amirhossein Malekzadeh, creates a SaaS log management platform empowering users to troubleshoot and monitor operational problems better and faster.


Paladion, which was started by Rajat Mohanty, is a cyber security company that provides a cloud based risk management service specializing in information security, threat management and compliance.


Sensoro, co-founded by Vivian Li, is an Industrial IoT technology company that provides ultra-long-range IoT solutions with industrial-grade wireless sensor networks.


Shareablee, led by Tania Yuki, is a social media marketing analytics company that has a web-based platform that provides audience intelligence, competitive benchmarking and actionable insights for social media.

Solebit LABS

Solebit LABS, is a cybersecurity company with solutions that prevent advanced cyber attacks from penetrating the enterprise network. Solebit LABS CEO is Boris Vaynberg.


Talview is an assessment technology solution provider which leverages NLP, Machine Learning, Video Analytics for a mobile-video hiring solution that enables companies to transform the way they hire. Talview’s CEO is Sanjoe Tom Jose.


Velostrata, led by Issy Ben-Shaul, creates cloud workload mobility software that enables the realtime movement of workloads to and from the public cloud in minutes.


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