An opportunity for startups to pitch to the media in Miami

March 12, 2019


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A rare opportunity for startups awaits in Miami on March 20. This will be no ordinary pitch competition. Instead, the judges will be members of the media, and the event is completely free.

Publicize Connect Miami follows on the heels of three successful events held just this year alone in Colombia’s two largest cities, Bogota and Medellin, respectively, and in Mexico City, Mexico.

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Media judges at Publicize Connect Miami will include Journalists, Contributors and Editors from:

  • The Miami Herald
  • The New Tropic
  • The Next Web
  • Crunchbase
  • The Sociable
  • The Atlantic (fmr)
  • Latin America Reports
  • And More

The free tickets can be picked up here, refreshments are provided, and all are invited to stick around for the networking session that follows, where founders can get to better know the media.

For startups looking to pitch in Miami, they may write to

According to Publicize Senior Writer and Chairman at Craig Corbett, “There are multiple benefits to gaining media coverage for your company, ranging from improving your social proof to increased traffic to your website.”

Publicize Presentation Craig Corbett TechChill Latvia

Publicize Senior Writer Craig Corbett gives a presenation on PR at TechChill in Latvia

“The ideal outcome of being featured on a leading site, would be that other journalists and publications take interest in your company and the overall importance of your mission and values, and offer you further coverage in the future,” he added on the Publicize Community blog.

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Additionally, “It is natural for your sales to spike in the weeks following an article on a leading publication, before leveling off. However, every new client you win during the spike period is yet another open door for recommendations and referrals, assuming you are the best at what you do, and demonstrate that your brand deserves its feature on a top tier publication.”

The benefits of pitching to journalists directly, face-to-face, are vast. Not only will the journalists at Publicize Connect Miami be present and attentive to each word that you say, but your live pitch will never end up in their spam folder.

However, just because you have the attention of the media doesn’t mean you can be lax. For startups to get noticed above the rest, Corbett adds that “the startup ecosystem is becoming cluttered with millions of new companies, with a range of weird and wonderful products and services emerging each year.”

The important thing is to ensure you have firstly, a newsworthy announcement or secondly, something interesting and new to say.

Disclosure: The Sociable and Publicize share the same parent company, ESPACIO.


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