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May 16, 2018


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Creativity is an incredible talent which can be recognized throughout mankind all over the world. No matter where you are from or what you know, everyone has the ability to exhibit some level of creativity in one form or another. Many large organizations know this, which has led to huge hit campaigns which encourage consumers to create content for them. This allows them to tap into a huge pool of creative talent, far bigger than all the creative employees at their disposal.

Campaigns such as Crash the Superbowl are a perfect example of this, encouraging fans to produce their own content to compete for a chance to have their own advert played during the super bowl. This was a huge hit and lasted for over 10 years.

For one Peruvian startup, creativity isn’t just the key to a successful advert, but can also be considered the foundation of an industrious career. Crehana, an online training platform for creative professionals, today announces the launch of Crehana Careers. The new bundle of online courses is designed to educate the next generation of digital professionals on in-demand creative skills, such as graphic design, digital illustration, 3D modelling and motion graphics.

Since 2015, the Peruvian company has raised $2 million in funding, and revolutionized creative education for Latin Americans by providing them with a project-based learning platform to dive head-first into the digital world. The platform’s short, practical courses are designed specifically for aspiring creative and digital professionals to learn the necessary skills to succeed with modern technology. Now, with the launch of Creative Careers, Crehana is offering these professionals the ability to specialize in a particular area, and develop their own career paths.

Crehana Careers are aimed at digital professionals who want to enhance their skills or increase employment opportunities. Using a new methodology, the courses give professionals control over when and where they want to learn. It is designed not only to simplify the learning process, but also to help students accomplish their goals in a shorter amount of time. Each career has 5 modules with 2 to 3 courses of 3 hours in length. By investing just 8 hours/week for 4 months, students can finish a career, and leave fully equipped with the skills to succeed in the real world.

The online classes are taught by the best industry professionals, alongside designated tutors who will guide the students’ progress and help them build a competitive portfolio. After completion of the course, all students receive a certificate and recommendations. Even more, through its hiring partners program, Crehana has developed agreements with top creative agencies in the region, in order to offer job placement opportunities to top students.

“This year our goal is to really focus on student success. The launch of Creative Degrees will provide students with the latest skills and knowledge needed to prepare them for the fast-paced and challenging world of digital creatives,” said Diego Olcese Diaz, CEO and founder of Crehana.

Crehana operates in Latin America’s $2.1 billion online education industry, with the important mission of driving educational change and progress for the region’s more than 600 million individuals. The company has a presence in Mexico, Peru, Argentina and Colombia, as well as other parts of Latin America, and Spain.

Despite its huge working age population, Latin America currently has a serious vocational and technical skills shortage. Approximately one-fifth of young Latin Americans, 30 million people, are not employed or engaged in education or training. Moreover, traditional education rarely allows students to focus on specific technical or high-level trade, leaving many without a clear pathway into a profession. Yet Latin America has still emerged as a popular software outsourcing hub, and with Crehana’s help, it will become a hotspot for other digital skills too.

With Crehana Careers, Latin Americans will now have easier and more affordable access than ever to focus on the skills demanded in global markets. The educational platform also helps students develop the portfolios required for most junior digital design, graphic, or illustration roles – only without the lengthy degrees or expensive education that is typically entailed.

“To become a successful digital creative, students have to practice their skills. Our Creative Careers’s methodology is designed to turn theory into action, and help students develop a substantial portfolio of work from the get go, rather than feeding them with general information,” added Olcese.

Evidently, through the use of Crehana offering, numerous people will now have the opportunity to explore and develop their creative side, not only producing great work, but also a positive impact on the local economy.


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