Veteran Founders Stand To Win $100,000 Prize At Mega-Incubator Event

November 10, 2021


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The Founder Institute, the Palo Alto pre-seed startup accelerator responsible for launching hundreds of tech startups to success, announced today that they will be hosting their first-ever $100,000 Veteran Pitch Competition in honor of Veterans Day. 

The online event will allow participants to witness live streaming footage of promising Veteran and Military Spouse-founded startups to pitch to groups of investors for a chance to be rewarded a $100,000 and a shot at making their dreams come true.

Turnout at the seminal ‘Veteran Pitch’ event is expected to be comprised of hundreds of angel investors, venture capitalists, and entrepreneurs. Additionally, there will be networking sessions planned, as well as a keynote speech from former Navy SEAL and New York Times bestselling author Mark Divine. 

The Keynote Speaker: Mark Divine

Mark Divine is a former US Navy SEAL Commander and expert in elite performance, psychological fortitude, and team-leader training. He is the founder of the Navy SEALs-inspired mental and physical fitness training programs: Unbeatable Mind, SEALFIT, and Kokoro Yoga. Divine is also the founder of

Mark Devine graduated top of his BUDS class—the Navy SEALs training course—which earned him the title of ‘Honor Man.’ He did this all while leading his entire boat crew to success—something no SEALs trainee has done since.

Currently, Devine’s work addresses the training and integration of body mind, and spirit in an approach he calls the ‘Five Mountains.’ Each mountain represents a tiered advance, summiting the topical peaks of physical, mental, emotional, intuitional, and spiritual development. This ‘Five Mountains’ system has been tested on over a thousand special operations candidates worldwide, generating a 90% success rate for SEAL trainees.

Devine’s unique philosophy has assisted executives, corporate leaders, elite sports teams, and entrepreneurs capture the warrior-leader mentality. His stated mission is to lead 100 million people to utilize his Five Mountain system by 2045.

How to Watch?

To secure your spot to view the $100,000 Veteran Pitch Contest digital event, click here


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