World leaders to discuss rebuilding trust at U.S.-focused Horasis meeting on March 18

February 9, 2021


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Horasis, one of the world’s foremost independent think tanks, will bring together high-profile figures from America and other countries for a virtual meeting on March 18 with the goal of rebuilding trust and creating actionable plans for a post-coronavirus future. 

With favorable opinions of the United States at near all-time lows in friendly countries like the United Kingdom (41%), France (31%) and Germany (26%), the incoming administration of President Joe Biden has the urgent task of restoring international trust in the US.

Under the theme “Rebuilding Trust”, the meeting is focused on the United States and offers a community of nearly 1,000 selected world leaders, including heads of state, government ministers, and industry leaders, an opportunity to interact with the new U.S. administration to discuss the path ahead. 

Participants in the Horasis Extraordinary Meeting on the United States of America will exchange views on a wide range of topics such as novel business models, frontier thinking, sustainable investment, and political cooperation, according to a press release issued by the Switzerland-based organization. 

During the day-long, marathon summit, they will also debate the breakdown of social cohesion, promoting inclusivity and gender equality, kick-starting the global economy while introducing economic and social reforms, ways to combat climate change, and how the U.S. can reposition itself as a global leader in an emerging, multilateral world.

Among the government leaders slated to speak at the event are:


“The world is facing challenges not seen in generations” — Horasis Chairman Frank-Jürgen Richter

Horasis will also be host to a number of members from various intergovernmental organizations. Delegates include: 


The event comes at a time when nations are still struggling with the ramifications of the pandemic, social division has reached a critical point in the U.S. and the broader Western world, and geopolitical instability and wealth inequality are worsening. 

Frank-Jürgen Richter, chairman of Horasis (Photo courtesy of Wikipedia)

Frank-Jürgen Richter. Image Credit: Wikipedia

“The world is facing challenges not seen in generations,” said Frank-Jürgen Richter, Chairman of Horasis. “The time is now for leaders to come together and rebuild trust in our multilateral institutions to help deliver societies from the depths of economic depravity and create a more just, equitable, and sustainable future for everyone.” 




The meeting is co-chaired by a number of influential leaders in across multiple industries. Co-chairs include: 

The Horasis Extraordinary Meeting on the United States of America is being organized as part of a series of meetings that the think tank holds throughout the year to “explore, define, and implement trajectories of sustainable growth” and “provide strategic foresight to public and private entities who envisage growing into global and principled organizations.” 

In addition to the Horasis Extraordinary Meeting and its flagship Horasis Global Meeting, the organization hosts the Horasis India Meeting, the Horasis China Meeting, the Horasis Asia Meeting, and the annual gatherings of the Horasis Visionary Circle—a peer-to-peer group of entrepreneurs. 

Those who wish to attend the online Horasis Extraordinary Meeting on the United States of America should register here.


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