10 fun apps to help you stay connected with friends and family from afar

April 10, 2020


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We all are feeling the strangeness of COVID-19 start to set in. Homes are spotless, we’re running out of shows to binge on Netflix, and TikTok is making your family dance routine famous.

The reality of 2020 is we are all #alonetogether, but as humans we need connection.

Now more than ever, there is a sense of urgency to check-in on family, send a message to clients, connect with co-workers and have virtual meetings.

Having fun and enjoying time with friends is critical to keep spirits high and serves as a reminder that we’re not alone. And of course, laughing is a great way to relieve some of that stress that we’re all carrying right now.

Here are 10 fun apps to help keep you laughing with friends and family while social distancing:

1) Bunch Group

Bunch lets you video chat while playing mobile games.

The app supports up to eight users at once and includes games such as Mars Dash, Draw Party, Pool, Trivia and FlappyLives.

2) Jackbox Games

Jackbox Games was developed as a local multiplayer game but has quickly become a go-to favorite during self-quarantine.

Using a common video conference program such as Zoom, Skype or FaceTime, users can chat while playing games on their laptop or TV.

3) Plato: Find Fun

Plato is a chat app that lets you play games or chat with friends and strangers.

No sign-ups, email or phone numbers are required with the catch of being ad supported and having in-app purchases.

4) Truth Truth Lie

Truth Truth Lie (TTL) is the app version of the ice-breaker game “Two Truths and a Lie” but with the unique feature of being integrated with Apple iMessages.

To play, you record three short video clips (two truths and one lie) then TTL makes a single video clip for you to send to an individual or group chat.

5) Houseparty

Houseparty has quickly become one of the most talked about and downloaded quarantine apps.  Houseparty enables group video chatting and game play through mobile and desktop apps.

Games can be played with up to eight people at a time and include Heads Up, Trivia, Quick Draw and more.

6) Squad

What makes Squad unique is the ability to video chat and screen-share with up to 6 people.

The screen-sharing feature allows you to relax and hang out with your loved ones virtually while browsing the internet, watching Youtube videos and more.

7) Marco Polo

Marco Polo is the modern day walkie talkie – the widely popular app lets you share short video clips with individuals or groups of friends.

But instead of video chatting in real time, users take turns leaving video messages for each other.

8) Cards Against Humanity via

If self-quarantine has you missing the hilarious NSFW game, Cards Against Humanity, look no further. has taken the game online and made it easy to play with up to 5 friends.

9) Netflix Party

Netflix Party is a way to remotely watch (and binge) Netflix with your friends and family.

The app is a browser extension that synchronizes video playback and adds a chat to Netflix movies.

10) Catan

You can play the popular board game online with Catan Universe, although the app does not support video or chat features it can be complemented with Zoom, Group Facetime or another video chat app.

So much can be done right from our computers, smartphones and tablets, it’s possible that we’ll come out of quarantine feeling more connected to our friends and family than ever, even without physical closeness.

In such uncertain times, it’s important to feel a sense of community. Technology allows us to form that sense of connection via video calls, with ever-evolving applications to keep things fun and interesting.

While of course it’s normal to miss spending time with friends and family, thankfully technology means that we don’t have to miss out on connection, laughing, and having fun.

People are getting more creative as the days go on, and who knows – maybe we’ll be having virtual game nights long after quarantine is over!

Disclosure: This story is brought to you through an ESPACIO portfolio company


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