7 Mobile App Development Trends That Are Happening Now

March 27, 2017


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Mobile world offers unique functionality and experiences. As it is developing by leaps and bounds, future tech makes us wait for new and improved solutions.

The customers’ needs and preferences often change, that’s why it’s necessary to keep pace with new trends. The key element of business and production area is innovation. Everything improves with time, bringing novelty and diversity, and so does the mobile technologies.

The following list contains 7 predictable trends in the world of mobile applications.

1. Design-thinking approach


Well-conceived animation gives the interface finished appearance, the note of excellence. It’s not only beautiful, it’s also convenient. The animation directs and teaches users how to interact with the interface. Animation in the mobile application has a clear, logical purpose. It reduces the load upon user’s brain, and improves the effectiveness of spatial relationships. Non-intrusive and light, it is growing in popularity, giving zest to every well-thought mobile application.

Creative scrolling

Parallax scrolling is an interesting design concept, which looks beautiful. Nowadays, this tendency continues to push its way in the mobile world. The well-considered realization of creative scrolling can become an aesthetic element for mobile applications. With the help of parallax scrolling, it is more convenient for users to move from one page to another. Obviously, this technology will be effectively developed.

Card-based design

It will become more actual. This approach allows to present design in a most friendly way for mobile users. It splits the content into smaller parts and then connects every element with the appropriate content. Moreover, such cards make the users choose actions themselves, which says a lot about focusing on user needs.

2. Wearable gadgets

Nowadays, wearable electronics is at the peak of its popularity. There are not so many wearable devices, but each device is useful and innovating. Apple Watch and Google Glass give an impulse to the development of this niche.

Earlier, the majority of such electronics was connected with health care. Now the boundaries are expanded. The wearable gadgets can be a good solution to increase the productivity and effectiveness indicators for enterprises. Wearable technology is expected to penetrate all the spheres in the future.

3. Most in-demand language: Swift

Swift is widely considered to be a great full-stack language. It has enough advantages to think in that way. Safety, less code, and fewer context-switching are among them. Swift is gaining popularity, more and more developers start learning it and are looking ahead. The uniqueness of this language and its undeniable useful technical features will take toll. There is considerable evidence that Swift options will attract more and more developers to learn it thus creating impressive ecosystem.

4. Internet of Things 

These technologies entail the development of labor productivity, cost saving, better client relationships, and the improvement of capital distribution.The Internet of Things (IoT) is able to transform the inanimate objects surrounding us into an informational ecosystem that will improve our life. Therefore, it’s the future technology. The IoT app development adopted this tendency, being in a growing demand. Many IoT startups prove that IoT development can be a successful technology solution. For example, we may refer to AdhereTech, Neura and a wide range of hot IoT startups.

5. Artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence is also a meaningful issue. People try to lift the veil of the future. Is it possible to create such humanoid systems that can think in abstract images, self-copy, self-learn, correctly respond to changes in the environment, have feelings, and desires?

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It’s a question to be answered later, but even so the AI technologies are widely applied in practice now. Today, the phenomenon of AI continue to open to mass audience, being in-demand for business tasks.

6. Virtual reality and augmented reality

VR and AR are the cutting-edge solutions.Technically created virtual world, which is so close to the real one, is taking down scores. According to Statista, VR market will grow at a very fast rate, the number of users is significantly increasing. The successful example of augmented reality  is a well-known Pokemon Go.

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However, despite of the fact, that generally AR became popular thanks to this game, today it is already used in many areas, including medicine, business, navigation, military conflicts, art, design, translation, biology, architecture, archeology, office work, and other human activities. 2017 will be full of VR and AR.

7. Chatbots and messengers

The year 2016 showed that such technologies come to stay. Chatbots and messengers offer more interaction with the brands and this fact can’t pass unnoticed.

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The example of massive use of chatbots is Kik, a popular messaging app, which launched its own bot shop. The bots can give personalized beauty tips, reviews and recommendations. Moreover, conversational commerce and chatbots are brand-to solutions enhancing brand loyalty and visibility.

By way of conclusion

Mobile technologies are developing so rapidly that it is difficult to say how mobile application interfaces will look like in a year or two. Some are long-term movements, others are unsteady. Time zips along. Undoubtedly, there are will be many original solutions in the mobile world to see in the future.


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Alina Kem

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