Instagrammers Can Create, Share Aesthetically Beautiful Photos Like the Pros With All-in-one Editor

June 15, 2017


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A growing number of Instagram users are looking to share only the most beautiful photos, and the need to edit their images quickly and efficiently is a high priority.

For perfectionists, being able to edit, upload, and share beautiful photos that stand out above the more than 80 million photos uploaded on Instagram every single day.

Those looking to create and share aesthetically beautiful photos like the pros without having to switch back-and-forth between a filter editor, collage maker, or image cropper, can now take advantage of an all-in-one mobile app.

With over 200 million downloads to-date, Instasize is adding various beauty features to its arsenal, making it the only real “all-in-one” photo and video editing app.

Beauty adjustment apps often lack features such as collage and filter settings. Many photo-editing apps also focus on aspect like filtering or cropping, and none feature video editing options like Instasize does.

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Hector Lopez, Co-Founder and CEO at InstaSize

“Most Instagram apps focus on just one aspect like adding filters or cropping,” said Instasize CEO, Hector Lopez. “Instasize is the first option for influencers, marketers, and consumers alike because of its all in one, quick-to-publish platform.”

The app currently has various filter, tag, collage and resizing options, but with its new beauty features such as a blemish remover, skin smoother, and teeth and eye whitener, these options will hold special appeal for the increasing number of professional Instagrammers and amateur users who want to go that extra mile for photographic perfection.

“Everyone in this day and age has the capacity to be a prolific content creator,” added Lopez. “So it is a competitive advantage to be able to put up and curate your best photos in the blink of an eye, all from one place.”

Photo apps such as Instagram also continue to grow with many of their users visiting the app on a daily basis. Instagram has added 100 million users in the past six months alone, making for 600 million global users total. An increasing number of these users are influencers and marketers with Instagram currently commanding $1 billion per year in advertisers’ spend. Influencer marketing is forecast to be a $5-$10 billion market by 2020.

For this growing audience, speed is a key factor in fixing up photos. Another trend is that an increasing number of amateur users are fine tuning and perfecting photos in meticulous detail before posting. Instasize means individuals, professional and amateur, can post perfectly edited photos with high production value to social media in seconds, and all from one app, rather than having to use several.


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