By the numbers: Mobile OS statistics for September 2010 in Ireland

October 4, 2010


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For the month of September 2010 most mobile OS witnessed a decline in market share, with the exception of Android, and to a lesser extent Samsung. Growth of the iOS (used in the iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad) has steadied in the past few months and has actually seen a decline of 0.2% last month. Android is easily the fastest growing mobile OS in Ireland with 18.72% growth in September alone.

Mobile OS usage in Ireland in September 2010

Overall iOS leads the way with 69.72% market share. Symbian OS holds 14.21% but is declining steadily. In third place is Android at 7.8%, this years breakout OS.

It should be noted that these stats derive from internet browsing data so are not representative of actually handset percentages that exist in Ireland. They do however provide good insights into the performance of each particular OS.

Source: StatCounter GlobalStats


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