The Kayak of Online Streaming Platforms With One Algorithm to Rule Them All

April 26, 2017


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One single algorithm allows users to search across multiple streaming platforms including Netflix, Hulu, Amazon, Vudu, YouTube, and more.

The algorithm that allows users to search multimedia across platforms, The Entertainment Graph, was developed by the team at MediaHound.

Rather than flipping from Netflix to Hulu to Amazon to find your favorite content, MediaHound’s platform lets you discover and share entertainment from all major media platforms in the same way Kayak does for flights.

USC alumnus and serial entrepreneur Addison McCaleb built MediaHound after realizing that each individual media platform was limited by its own catalogue. He set out to create the Kayak for Entertainment, a platform that allowed users to search across all media platforms.

The result was five different apps that search across all the major media streaming platforms using one algorithm.

1) NextQue – NextQueue helps you find and watch movies & TV shows you’ll love across all your favorite services (like Netflix, HBO and Hulu).

2) Date Night – Date Night is for couples who can’t decide what to watch together. It asks couples what movie each person would like to watch and then suggests a happy-medium movie based on the two selections.

3) Leaps – In this seconds-to-learn, lifetime-to-master movie trivia game, players use the “degrees of Kevin Bacon” concept to connect two movies together through their stars. Race through a maze of beloved movies, jumping from movie to movie and cast member to cast member as you compete with other players for the best score.

4) Find.Media – A universal search that shows you all the ways to watch any movie or show. Its smarter search feature accepts titles, names, franchises, and more. It’s also available as a Google Chrome extension.

5) Monster Mash -A way of finding horror films similar to any movie you choose.

MediaHound has also won Webby and W3 awards for a number of new apps using their innovative algorithm, which allows users run a fast and comprehensive search spanning all types of media from movies to books, songs, and games as well as moods, themes, tones, genres, and reviews.


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