UK government will appeal Apple’s decision to block charitable donations

January 9, 2011


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PayPalCurrently Apple does not allow in-app charitable donations on the iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad. Apple started blocking apps that process charitable donations through online payment service PayPal in October of last year – Nick Hurd (@nickhurdmp), UK Civil Society Minister wants to change this.

Hurd has pledged to write to Apple to try and understand why they are blocking charitable donations. He believes that allowing donations from the iPhone has huge potential.

“It seems it could be a leader with this and I don’t understand why it is dragging its heels.

“I will write to Apple in the next couple of weeks to get clarity on its position and encourage the company to be more positive and constructive.”

It is thought that Apple restrict in-app donations as it’s unclear as to what percentage of the donation actually makes it to the charity. With current policy, Apple would also have to be given a percentage of each donation.


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