Expect enhanced Twitter brand pages very soon

January 29, 2012


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Coca-Cola's current brand page on Twitter

Coca-Cola's current brand page on Twitter

Twitter is expected to roll-out enhanced brand pages very soon, awarding companies and organisations the ability to embed external elements like games and commerce functionality into their pages, as well as to further customise the look and feel of their presence on the service.

Late last year Twitter introduced brand-specific profile pages to select advertisers, introducing large custom headers, sticky tweets and the ability to filter out a brand’s @replies and mentions.

Now, Business Insider are reporting that Twitter will soon give brands the ability to “build platforms on their pages that could include iFrame environments”. Iframes are commonly used on Facebook pages to embed custom landing pages, games and even entire store-fronts.

By giving brands more freedom to customise and enhance their pages, Twitter hopes to increase brands’ awareness and concentration on Twitter as an important marketing tool, but also to persuade normal users to stay longer on – which crucial should ultimately lead to greater revenues.

Business Insider suggest that enhanced Twitter brand pages will begin to appear sometime after February 1, so possibly before the end of next week at the earliest.

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