How to automatically post Twitter updates to Facebook and vice versa

December 5, 2011


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Ever wanted to automatically share your tweets with friends on Facebook, or similarly share Facebook updates with your followers on Twitter? This short guide is a simple how-to describing the processes involved when sharing in both directions.

Post tweets to Facebook

1. On Twitter go to Settings and click the Profile tab. Towards the bottom click the Post your Tweets to Facebook button.

Under Settings - Profile choose Post your Tweets to Facebook

2. If not signed into Facebook already, click the Sign in to Facebook and connect your accounts button. Then click Allow in the Request for permission dialog box.

Grant Twitter access to publish to Facebook

3. Once the accounts are connected you can select whether to share tweets to your personal profile or individually to any Facebook page associated with your personal account. Posting tweets to a Facebook page may require further permission requests to be confirmed.

Select which Facebook profile or page to share tweets to

4. What about privacy? You can change this inside Facebook’s Account Settings under the Apps tab. Click the small Edit button beside the official Twitter application and use the menu under App activity privacy to control exactly who can see your tweets on Facebook – from totally public, to just friends, select friends or networks.

Edit the Twitter app under Account Settings - AppsDetermine who sees your Twitter updates when posted to Facebook

Post Facebook updates to Twitter

1. Facebook has allowed its users to automatically share updates to Twitter for some time now, although this feature is not widely known. Simply go to and click the Link to Twitter button under whichever Facebook profile or page desired. If you only have a personal account (and no associated pages) you should see one Link My Profile to Twitter button instead.

Select which Facebook profile or page to link to Twitter

2. Now click Authorize app to grant Facebook access to your Twitter account

Authorise Facebook to publish updates to your Twitter account

3. Once your Twitter account is authorised on Facebook you can individually select whether to share status updates, photos, links, videos, notes and events. Note that only public Facebook updates will be shared to Twitter.

Choose what kind of Facebook updates are shared to Twitter

That’s it, happy sharing. Now all we need is similar Google+ profile linking.


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Albizu Garcia

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