How to create Twitter RSS feeds for tweeted videos

February 28, 2012


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Twitter is one of the best video discovery tools available; whether you want to find new music, viral trends, or if you just want to watch the latest reports about a breaking news story.  So, what if you want to find the RSS feed for tweets that link to video content?

In this tutorial we’ll show you how to create Twitter web and RSS searches that link to videos.

Twitter video search rssYesterday we went over designing searches to find image content on Twitter for RSS feeds.   You might also want to look at our guides to creating Twitter RSS feeds for users’ profiles or Twitter RSS feeds for lists or Twitter RSS feeds for search terms or our Twitter RSS feed generator.

To get tweets that only contain links to videos we began by looking at the most popular video sharing links being used on the site at the moment.  We’re using YouTube and Vimeo but if you can think of any more let us know and we will update the article.

Twitter video search

If you want to search for the latest videos being tweeted that mention Ireland the URL below will do it for you.  This link is composed of two elements, the first is the search term (?q=ireland) and the second is a list of video sharing websites (,,!/search/realtime/ireland OR OR

The Twitter RSS feed for this search is OR OR

Tweets that mention a user with links to videos

If you want to search for tweets that mention a specific user and also link to video content then you can simply modify the above link to include their username (?q=@ladygaga).!/search/realtime/@ladygaga OR OR

The RSS for this search is OR OR

Tweets from a specific user that contain videos

To find the latest tweets from a user that contain links to videos change the search term (?q=@britishpathe) and add from: before their username (your search term should now look like this ?q=from:@britishpathe).!/search/realtime/from:@britishpathe OR OR

The RSS for this search will look like OR OR

Combining media

Let’s say you want to see the latest tweeted content containing links to both video and image content, you can get this by combining yesterday’s article with this one.

So, to find the latest tweets that contain videos and images about the Olympics your URL would look like this;!/search/realtime/olympics OR OR OR OR OR OR OR OR OR OR OR

The RSS for this search would look like this OR OR OR OR OR OR OR OR OR OR OR

So far we’ve covered images and video content in Twitter search; tomorrow we’ll look at audio, music and podcasts.


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