Klout Infographic: Bieber more influential than Obama but politics most discussed in 2011

December 7, 2011


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Politics was one of the most influential topics on Klout in 2011 even though entertainers were more influential on the social network, according to this infographic created by two Klout fans.

More Bieber than Obama
Teen singer Justin Bieber was the most influential star on Klout, with a total score of 99 this year.  He was followed by Brazilian writer Paulo Coelho, and singers Lady Gaga, Katy Perry, and Joe Jonas all with scores above 89.  Even though they still carry significant weight President Obama, and the Dalai Lama scoreed 87 and 85 respectively placing them last in the list of top nine influencers on the social network for 2011.

Topics and Sashes
Social media was singly the most influential topic this year but when other data is combined it was out ranked by politics topics: Iran, politics, tea party, and occupy wall street.  Although this data doesn’t take into account Klout’s latest improvements to its topics: Sashes.  Sashes are Klout’s awards for users who are particularly influential in certain topic areas.  Users with the most +K points in certain topics will be given a blue sash while users who are the most influential in certain topics will be given gold sashes.

Klout SlashesAccording to this new data Robert Scoble is the most influential person when it comes to Silicon Valley and has the most +K’s for Technology. Google’s Eric Schmidt has the most +K points for Google and is the most influential person on the topic.

Klout History InfographicThe infographic was created by Garth Knutson (@gknutson) and Blake Able (@abelmind) managers of the unofficial Klout blog, What the Klout.


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