Which Irish political party has the most influence on Twitter?

December 7, 2010


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Which Irish political party has the most influence on Twitter? According to Klout, a service that provides insights and reports on social media influence, the all-island republican party Sinn Féin has the most influence online with a Klout score of 59.

We conducted Klout score analysis earlier today and discovered some interesting findings. There are four main areas which each political party is marked on. They are overall influence or Klout, Amplification, Network, and True Reach. Klout is the measurement of overall influence on Twitter, Amplification is the likelihood upon which your tweets will be acted upon, Network is the influence level of your engaged audience, and True Reach is the size of your engaged audience.

Unfortunately neither the Fine Gael (@FineGaeltoday), or the Workers’ Party (@workersparty) Twitter accounts have been processed by Klout, so this analysis excludes them from the results.

Below is our list of Irish political parties in order of most influential to least influential:

Sinn Féin (@sinnfeinireland) – 59

Sinn Féin - Klout score of 59

  • Klout: 59
  • Amplification: 37
  • Network: 65
  • True Reach: 950

Labour Party (@labour) – 57

Labour Party - Klout score of 57

  • Klout: 57
  • Amplification: 34
  • Network: 66
  • True Reach: 125

Green Party (@greenparty_ie) – 54

Green Party - Klout score of 54

  • Klout: 54
  • Amplification: 26
  • Network: 63
  • True Reach: 118

Fianna Fáil (@fiannafailparty) – 47

Fianna Fáil - Klout score of 47

  • Klout: 47
  • Amplification: 24
  • Network: 54
  • True Reach: 261

Communist Party of Ireland (@irelandcp) – 32

Communist Party of Ireland - Klout score of 32

  • Klout: 32
  • Amplification: 14
  • Network: 40
  • True Reach: 26

Socialist Party (@socialistparty) – 11

Socialist Party - Klout score of 11

  • Klout: 11
  • Amplification: 10
  • Network: 10
  • True Reach: 215


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