Hearts and Arrows Diamonds – What Makes Them So Popular?

November 16, 2017


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Even if you are not a great fan of diamonds, you have probably heard about the Hearts and Arrows diamonds. This specific term is used to describe a special pattern that consists of eight completely symmetrical hearts that are visible when you are viewing the stone through the pavilion as well as eight completely symmetrical arrows visible when the diamond is viewed through the table of the stone.

The Story Behind Hearts and Arrows Diamonds

hearts and arrows

Starting from the late 1970s, the artisans from Japan have decided to spend more time studying the formations of diamonds that were cut. As a result of these thorough studies, the world has witnessed the emergence of the so-called Firescope. This is an instrument created to deliver so-called light mapping, a method of identifying the characteristics of each individual stone. So, the instrument helped the process of quality evaluation.

Takanori Tamura, a diamond expert has studied a huge number of diamonds and by the end of the 1980s, he was able to recognize a distinctive pattern that looked like Mandala, the eight spiked wheel of life symbol in the Buddhist religion. Ever since then, the heart and arrows pattern is considered to be a symbol of attractiveness and quality.

The role of light mapping

So, even though this specific pattern found in diamonds depends on the craftsmanship and experience of diamond cutters, technology plays crucial role in the process.

Firescope was the first instrument that provided light mapping features, but today, with the advance of technology, diamond enthusiasts can use different tools including Idealscope for example. All of them are based on the same principle – determining light performance. For those who didn’t know, the light performance of any diamond represents the way a diamond acts in light. The Firescope uses light mapping to calculate the amount of light that is reflected back to the viewer and the amount of light that goes through the diamond when the precious stone is exposed to light – sunlight or artificial light.

What is important to understand is that light performance of these precious stones is closely related to the diamond cut and the symmetry of the diamond comes in the second place.

The Hearts and Arrows Diamond Phenomenon Today

A high-quality Hearts and Arrows diamond is a rare diamond, no matter whether we are talking about natural diamonds, synthetic diamonds or lab created diamonds. The perfect symmetry of the cut can be obtained only with the help of a true craftsman with top-notch cutting skills. So, we are talking about high-grade credentials and perfect quality.

In order to make sure that the hearts and arrows design is a unique one, you have to conduct a close inspection. It is possible to see a diamond like this, but once you start analyzing it you will notice the imperfections. Every facet found on the diamond must match the opposite facet. What makes these diamonds special is the reflection of light. They come with optimal light transmission and stunning brilliance.

You can’t expect to get the best Hearts and Arrows diamond if it was cut by a beginner diamond cutter. The cutter must be experienced, skilled and knowledgeable. This veteran cutter will still have to spend a significant period of time to complete the stone. Thanks to modern technology, experienced craftsmen can determine whether a rough, uncut diamond is a suitable material for the best heart and arrows diamond.

Keep in mind that a diamond created in this way is more expensive than most diamonds. Obviously, there are a few diamond cuts that have a high value which means that you have to do some research before making your final decision.

Those who want to experience something truly unique should view a Hearts and Arrows diamond with the help of a Firescope. This symmetry device for optical reflection will showcase the Hearts and Arrows pattern in its best light.

Now that you know how beautiful these diamonds are, it is the right time to find out where you can buy one.


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