A Dynamic Duo in Multi-tasking: Vivaldi Partners With the Astro Slide

January 11, 2022


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Vivaladi, the first browser on Android Automotive, is off to the races yet again in 2022 propelling mobile browsers into the future. Their latest partnership with the Astro Slide 5G phone, created by UK-based Planet Computers, will transform the way that web browsing on-the-go looks like in 2022 and in the future. The device is already quickly gaining notoriety, and will be showcased at the renowned CES 2022, a global stage for innovation, in Las Vegas, NV. 

Described as the web’s best browser by WIRED Magazine, Vivaldi has designed its browser on Android to be as unique as the person using it. With a full suite of built-in features to choose from, you can now savor a fun and flexible browsing experience on the Astro Slide 5G anywhere you go.

This dynamic duo will be a dream for multitaskers, which most of us are in this day and age on account of the new digital era. In fact, it was found for all countries, for which comparable data was available, that increased rates of teleworking were experienced during the COVID-19 pandemic and continue to remain at an all-time high. 

The symbiosis of the Astro Slide 5G coupled with the Vivaldi browser allows for the synchronized balancing of work, entertainment, and web browsing throughout the day—all while on the go. What is more, its backlit keyboard lets you type to your heart’s content no matter the surroundings—generating both ease and flexibility for our busy remote work lives.

The Dynamic Details

The Astro Slide’s has 8GB RAM, 128GB storage, a 4,000mAh battery, and Wi-Fi 5, with a keyboard that has dual functionality as both a standard slab-style device and a mini laptop to boot. There’s a 48-megapixel camera on the backside, along with a 13-megapixel one on the front. The latter can be used for managing video conferencing and flawless selfies, which both shine crystal clear on the phone’s AMOLED color FHD+ display, protected by Gorilla glass.

Armed with full-fledged features and customizable options, this browser and mobile device create the ultimate competitive edge in mobile web surfing, all without sacrificing privacy. You can also enable the built-in tracker and adblocker through the shield icon in the left end of the address field or through your settings— users can replace ads and trackers with privacy and speed.

Browsing data can be synced securely between installations of Vivaldi on other devices via their end-to-end encryption with absolutely no third-party servers. Additional features include a built-in, privacy-friendly translation feature powered by Lingvanex, Notes features, the capacity to capture, save and share full-page screenshots from any website, and nickname your common website addresses to optimize search engine browsing. 

Finally, the user experience is entirely customizable with their proprietary interface that puts all of the go-to tools at users’ fingertips allowing them to custom-fit their web browsing. Oftentimes, one of the most underserved factors of web browsing is how difficult it is to keep track of our many open tabs, but with Vivaldi’s elegant configurable desktop-style” Tab Bar”—you can view your tabs that are open and also switch between them easily. Vivaldi’s “Two-Level Tab Stacks”, a solution that no other mobile browser offers, is another unique solution, especially for the tab hoarders out there. 

A New Era of Mobile Browsing

With screen space fine-tuned, and innovative features such as the double tab bar, users can stay organized and keep their screens tidier than ever been before, and on their mobile device no less. Boasting a trailblazing user interface, a host of intuitive features, and a customizable design for every user—Vivaldi’s browser partnership with the Astro Slide 5G will be sure to be a winning combination. 

This will forge a phone for the future for professionals on the go. So for those looking to upgrade their mobile work game, pre-install the Vivaldi browser onto your Astro Slide 5G and watch your precision and execution while browsing skyrocket.


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