Andrew Schwab joins healthtech startup Itiliti Health’s Board of Directors

September 27, 2022


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As healthcare costs continue to rise year over year, most primary care providers need to have something in their toolkits that allows them to make the most of each diagnosis. Sometimes, certain procedures already have prior authorization from insurers, however it’s up to the doctor to interpret the administrative framework around the path to care they think is best, and a way for the insurer to respond.

This process can take days – resulting in time waiting uncomfortably by the patient. 

This is why Itiliti Health, a Minnesota health tech startup focused on improving the prior-authorization (PA) process, has announced today that it has appointed Andrew Schwab, prominent healthcare entrepreneur and investor, to its Board of Directors. 

Andrew Schwab (Photo Credit: LinkedIn)

As a board member, Andrew adds over 25 years of experience in creating and sustaining steady business growth across companies spanning the fields of tech and healthcare.

His primary area of expertise is helping early-stage healthcare software companies with SaaS B2B models grow their practice. 

This wide spread of expertise in the field of Prior Authorization is absolutely necessary for the Prior Authorization market, as its needs coincide with that of patients, physicians, and insurers companies – but rarely in real-time.

“Itiliti Health is devoted to expediting time-to-care while eliminating the kind of administrative work that eats into physicians’ abilities to practice medicine,” Schwab said. “Their prior authorization technology will surely help providers and increase patient comfort. I’m honored to be joining their Board of Directors.”

Schwab is an active investor and the founder of South Carolina-based RTP Capital, which was recently recognized by the Angel Capital Association as one of the most active investor networks in its region. Most recently, Schwab has served as a mentor to over 30 healthcare technology companies simultaneously at First Venture Center – where he has helped medtech grow their ideas to scale. 

With an M.S and PhD. in Electrical Engineering from the University of Virginia, a B.S. in Electrical Engineering from Duke University, Schwab’s training should allow him to recommend new strategies to grow Itiliti Health’s products and expand its reach of patients. 

“Andrew’s addition to our Board of Directors will be invaluable as we look to reshape the Prior Authorization process,” said Michael Lunzar, CEO of Itiliti Health.

“As a strategist, investor, and advisor to many, we believe his insights will help us broaden our market reach and help patients across the United States gain access to the care they need much, much faster.”

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